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Employment in South Carolina with a local trucking company can get you more than just a paycheck. Local trucking companies or trucking companies with a terminal near your house are likely to want to come back in to pick up load from local accounts that they serve. Often this is part of the reason the terminal exists there. This is especially if they specialize or serve a specific industry.

For instance, my company specialized in furniture and they always wanted us right back in to haul their high dollars loads out.
NOTE: Not all local trucking companies operate this way!

Part Time Trucking and Local South Carolina Trucking Jobs

Yes, I said part time trucking. The offerings are increasing drivers. Don't worry, full time trucking companies hiring from local areas are listed too. If you don't see a local trucking company listed for location, do a truck driver search for your location.

Other Local Trucking Opportunities in South Carolina

In The Palmetto state you might want to keep your eyes open for other local trucking jobs. Pay attention to the manufacturers and distribution centers. Notice what South Carolina produces and see if there are trucking needs at the source, for instance farms or coops and manufacturers of goods with their own trucks.

Let's take a look at some info from Wiki on South Carolina. The South Carolina farmers are growing rice, soybeans, and tobacco in large quantities. The are also raising poultry, hogs and cattle. From these cattle they also produce a lot of dairy products. They need to get to market or a processing facility.

Textiles is still big business in South Carolina, as well as automobiles and related products, chemical products, paper products and machinery production.

South Carolina benefits greatly from tourism. That may not interest you so much but it also means that retail goods and food service delivery near those locations will need increased service by truckers. Most of the tourism in South is the beautiful beaches.

South Carolina is a great location for transportation logistics. Twelve interstates and two proposed plus 12 state highways wind through. There is plenty of freight companies to choose from.

There are also may be opportunities to establish direct relationships with shippers and receivers those those wanting to start their own trucking company.

Commercial Driver Local Resources

Please post your trucker friendly local resource. Start with the City.

In the descriptions list the name, address and relevant information.


South Carolina Trucking

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