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Interested in becoming a trucker? Rhode Island trucking companies are hiring. There are also national trucking companies hiring in the Rhode Island area also. If you can find a local trucking company that is willing to hire you, it's more likely you will have a trucking job that will get you back home more often. (in most cases).

Most likely if you are a just beginning to research trucking jobs, you won't find a local trucking job,they will usually want to put you out over the road first. Having said that, you never know until you look.

If you don't see a trucking company in your local area listed do a search, the carrier hiring closest to your location will show up in the search results.

Ask them questions that are important to you for comparison if there are more than one company to choose from.

Now before you actually apply to anything, come back to this website or research elsewhere, to make sure you are actually compatible for the trucking lifestyle. (or you can research now and then search for Rhode Island trucking job.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Trucker

Rhode Island trucking companies may serve what is left of local manufacturing after the great depression. There is still the production of costume jewelry, fabricated metal products, electrical equipment, ships and boats. Raw materials will need to come in to produce these goods and finish products must go off to their destinations.

Farmers in Rhode Island grow vegetables, milk cows, and harvest eggs from chickens that eventually needs transporting.

If you see operations in your communities that handle these goods, find out if they have trucks. If so, find out if they are hiring.These may be trucking jobs that keep you in Rhode Island if you want to drive local. Remember, trucking companies need drivers that care about their job performance. You won't have a boss breathing down your neck in most cases but that isn't because nothing matters.

It's because you are a professional and they expect you to not need to be babysat. They expect you to take pride and get the job done in a way that is safe, complies with laws, and pleases the customer.

Commercial Driver Local Resources

Please post your trucker friendly local resource. Start with the City.

In the descriptions list the name, address and relevant information.


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