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Nevada trucking companies need safe and responsible drivers to deliver freight locally, regionally and over the road. The Silver State is 7th largest and 2/3rd of it's people live in Metro Las Vegas area.

Nevada farmers produce potatoes, dairy products, hay, onions and raise cattle and sheep. Many of the calves are shipped off to feed in the fall. I am sure bull haulers are happy about that.

Local Truck Driving Jobs

You can search for local CDL training for your area.  You can also search truck driving jobs in your area as well.

Large industrial contributors to the economy are printing/publishing and food processing, and electric equipment and mining of more than 6 minerals. Mining is major with Gold leading the way and Silver in a near second. Nevada is the world's 4th largest producer of gold.

US government owns more than 80% of the state's land.

Tourism brings in people from all of the world to visit Nevada largely due to Casinos and Resorts which in turn provides the largest number of jobs. However school systems are the top 3 employers.

However, the unemployment rate is still highest in the country at 14.4% in August 2011. (according to wiki)

Prostitution is voted legal in 8 counties out of the 14 that is eligible. To be eligible the county must have population of less than 400,000.

Nevada Trucking
Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Trucker

Commercial Driver Local Resources

Please post your trucker friendly local resource. Start with the City.

In the descriptions list the name, address and relevant information.


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CDL Training


The best route to your CDL depends on your situation.

If there is a community college near you, it may be your best choice.

However, there are many good private schools programs too. Some people will have no choice but attending trucking company training and many of those are good too. Some questions to ask...

  • How long will you have to drive for them to pay off the training?
  • What is the penalty for breaking contract? (If possible, don't break the contract.)
  • How many hours behind the wheel drive time
  • What expenses are you responsible for during training?
  • How much is pay after getting your CDL? Some pay is a set amount and some pay mileage. You just need to know what to expect.

    I just think it is important because most drivers assume they will be getting a regular trucker's salary. Often not true.

Types of Trucking Jobs

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