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Utah Trucking for the local driver. There is more diversity in the needs of shippers/receiver in the movement of Utah freight. For smart companies this means options for Utah drivers.

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Employment in Utah as a trucker is available for driving locally, regionally, dedicated, over the roadpulling various types of freight. Your location, experience will determine your number of options and availability.

Part time and Seasonal Trucking Jobs

Yes there arepart time Utah trucking jobs too. The offerings are increasing drivers. If you don't see a local trucking for your location, do a search for the type of position you want and the location. The closest match should come up.

Other ways of finding local or regional Utah trucking jobs

So, you may have not found a local Utah trucking job. Many trucking companies still haven't come around to using this model. Some companies simply are not hauling the loads which needs local drivers. So there isn't a job for every driver.

Some of you who are just looking to start your career as a trucker may find that you need to first get experience as a trucker over the road. That's more common than not.

You can continue to search for a local driving job, and the tips below may provide a better chance for results, but the reality is that to get hired for most local trucking positions experience is required.

So how else would you find Utah trucking job?

  • Tell your friends what you are searching for
  • Ask local manufacturers if they are hiring truck drivers
  • Stop by local Texas Truck Stops, check for help wanted flyers
  • Visit service stations near large manufactures in your area
  • to see if anyone has posted flyers for drivers
  • Post your own flyers about looking for a local driving position

Generally speaking you also just want to be super aware of your surroundings. You may have driven right by large manufacturers or even small trucking companies and not noticed them. You need to pay attention as you are driving to know what is actually in your community. Keep your eyes wide open and even ask people if they know of local companies with trucks.

A way to get leads what on types of trucking jobs may be available and where to actually look for companies who don't advertise, is to be aware of Texas economy and especially your local economy.

If you know there are large manufactures in area, look them up, get the number and call them. Ask if they are hiring truck drivers. Some tools to use are websites wiki.com, mantra.com and Google to search for local companies in your community or a community nearby.

In Wiki, you can see what drives your economy. You can get big picture view about what business sectors are major players in your state. For instance I know that Utah is ranked number 1 in the nation by Forbes Magazine for doing business. Did you know that? Although cattle ranching and mining are the major industries in Utah, I guarantee you there are plenty of manufacturers there too. Large and small. But also Salt Lake is labeled as the "the new economic Zion".

Utah is apparently on some next level stuff. This insight could inform you on what you want type of trucking job you want to work toward or what industry you want to go into after trucking. Or it might affect your plans to stay in Utah or relocate. It's just good information useful information. Not entirely necessary a must for progress today but depending on what you find and what's on your mind, it could be. There is only one way to find out. Read it.

You could go to Mantra.com, click US, then your state. Click search by location see if your town is listed at the bottom. and put in manufactures - yourtown UT and you will see what is around you. Call them and ask if they are hiring truckers.

For Google you could simply type...manufactures mytown, UT and see what comes up.

Also.....after that search....do a search with these words

This will return a site with information that tells you what is coming up in the area. If there is a major company coming in or information that affects the future economy of the place it will be announced. It may give you advance information that most of your competitors for jobs will not be aware of.

Commercial Driver Local Resources

Please post your trucker friendly local resource. Start with the City.

In the descriptions list the name, address and relevant information.


Utah Trucking

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