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who says his relationship was fine until he graduated from truck driving school. Upon completion after deciding to go over the road with Werner the relationship began to deteriorate. He then states he got a trip that took him by the house just before Christmas and it made him re-evaluate his priorities and then options so that he could be home more often.

Well, he quit over the road but the next company wasn't a fit either, however it did give him the opportunity to meet regional drivers.

To make a long story short he did some prioritizing, asked a lot of people a lot of questions until he ran across information that led him to the job he now enjoys. Buts the happiness at home didn't come back without a change in attitude.

It's so much to his story that it can't really be a summarized.You can

read Keith's full story here but let's just say, after seeing very tough times juggling trucking life and marriage and successfully getting things back in harmony he is ready to give marriage advice to other truckers or truckers wives based on what's he has learned.

Marriage advice from Larry

Marriage Advice For Truckers and Trucker Wives From The Drivers

Do you have questions to a driver about how he is making his marriage work while being a truck driver.
You can be another driver or a trucker's wife wanting the inside scoop from a driver's point of view.

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All I Hear is He's Cheating On You - Do Truckers Cheat 
My husband is on the road and all I seem to hear is he's cheating on you. I am so terrified. I love him so much and he says he loves me, but he told …

I don’t know what it means 
Hi, I want to be optimistic but I don’t know. I think it’s bad that today my fiancée was waiting for a load, it’s Friday by the way, and kept grilling …

how to talk to my boyfriend while his rude team driver tries to talk to him while we are on the phone 
So my boyfriend recently got a team driver in his truck with him to train. Well the guy is a total loud mouth rude booty. Every time I call to talk …

Starting a new relationship with OTR trucker 
I have just met and presumably fallen for an OTR TRUCKER..I have no experience with this... I only spent one evening and one night with him after a month …

How do you get along with your spouse as a team driver 
When my husband and I team he got on my nerves. he was so negative and very controlling. I was so stressed out, I didn't have any energy. I was always …

Do I just move on with the deception and lies? 
I am a wife of a truck driver and drive trucks myself. I found a notebook with passwords and phone numbers and names of people he met,talked to, had …

My husband say he don't trust me because of how i explain myself 
I ask him how would he feel if i went to a friend's funeral but i date her son. So i only had to relationship that i was in for a long time. So his was …

Juggle between fireman and trucker wife 
I am a fireman in a big city and work part time at the local fire house. My wife just graduated school and got a job with wcd trucking. They said 2 days …

my husband works for decker.on top of being gone i have found rubbers and porn plus dating sites on his phone.god hates divorce.should i or not.. 
Not sure if he is really faithful. I hate to file for divorce but feel my new sobriety is in jeopardity,says he hasnt cheated.found boxses of rubbers several …

how to trust him out on the roads 
I'm starting to have insecurities. I dont know if he's really where he says he is. Gets in Miami and something always seems to go wrong having to put …

how do i deal with my emotions new truckerz wife 
I am having extremely tough time this is my husband's first really long road trip how can I deal with this?

I am a new girlfriend, how can I be the best support for my trucker, and Im feeling a little lonely and left out - holidays are coming and he may or may not be here :) 
Im a new girlfriend of a trucker, we have been dating for 4 months, Im crazy about him, fully support him and his career. I get a little lonely sometimes. …

Freaking out and training hasn't started yet... 
I'm 4 months pregnant and have a 4 year old daughter. My husband has been talking about driving trucks for the last few years. I want him to do what makes …

My husband seems very irritated since driving OTR..I think losin my marriage dont know what to do 
We have been married for 12 years and my husband is not showing me the same affection he used too. Tried being quiet..not workin.there was a time in …

Having terrible thoughts that my husband might be teaming up with a woman and is keeping it from me? 
My husband is a OTR truck driver and he has been driving for about two and a half years,he was a team driver with another man but later I found out that …

Are their any companies that are TRUE to their word? A good company that actually treats their drivers like a human?  
My husband wants to come home but he needs to find a company that wont lie to him just so they can have another slave. Thank you for your time.

Truck driver does the continent by choice and says work is first not you, do all see it that way? 
I've been with my partner for 2 and a half years. I love him so much. He's my number one for everything. I never did believe long distant relationships …

Enjoying home time.  
I'm a regional drive (out 5 home for 2) my problem is I am excited when I get home to see the wife and kids however, after a couple hours reality sets …

How do I start trusting my Husband again after continously finding pictures of naked women on my Husbands phone? 
My husband and I have been married for a year and a half. Hes an otr trucker. Hes an over the road trucker for 8 months now. He has been caught contacting …

Can a driver's wife ride along, but not drive? 
We are interested in getting into driving together. But my wife is not interested in driving herself. She likes the road and does a great job of supporting …

what does it mean when your man starts using the "we" in his conversations? 
my man has been a truck driver for many years and about 5 years ago he has been saying we, like we have enough food to get me by, and we are coming home.... …

Can I trust him? 
My guy and me have been dating since August of 2011. He is from the same state as me and not far from where I live. We've know each other for a while …

Is it wrong for me not to miss my trucker? 
I am ok with him being gone for a few days at a time. People around me keep saying,"I don't know how you do it. It's like being a single mom." Sometimes …

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Our marriage stalled and is now disastrous 
our marriage stalled out and now its disastrous. We need to see each other more and provide emotional and physical attachments again. We are trying …

Kids on one coast new life on the other 
I am the girlfriend of a man whose kids live on one coast and we live on the other. He constantly is made to feel guilty by his ex about what he isn't …

How do you communicate? 
My boyfriend (of 2yrs, 8mo) will be *hopefully* heading home in 1-2wks for his first real "home" trip since he started training with Prime Inc. back in …

How can I deal with my boyfriend being over the road? 
I mean how can i cope with him being over th road an not being home for 3 weeks at a time for a year? We have been through a lot but it is getting …

how to deal with a separation after 31 years 
Hubby became an OTR trucker two months ago. Now he doesn't want to be with me anymore. He admited he hasn't been happy for 28 years but did trucking bring …

Why would someone ned to take their suit coat and dress clothes with them if they are only going to be driving truck? 
Hubby said after 30 years of marriage, together 31 years, he doesn't want to be with me anymore. He's only been driving truck for 2 months, both of them …

Should I make the change and get into a truck? 
Hello my name is Rich. I have my class A cdl and currently drive local. Driving a city bus. I know it isn't a truck but it is what I picked for now. I …

will i end up in divorce? 
I am married for 2nd time, we been married 19 years, I am thinking of attending truck school at Prime with Seth Baldwin, due to economy, I have been in …

Talking to my OTR Boyfriend Not rated yet
I have to thank everyone (especially the experience drivers) for the kind and thoughtful advice I've received from this website. My boyfriend and I …

My husband ignores me and rejects me Not rated yet
My husband just started trucking, right now he is on the road with the trainer and I noticed a big change in his behavior. He doesn't call me often …

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Marriage Advice For Truckers and Truckers Wives

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Marriage Advice

4 Common Problem Starters

If you need marriage advice or marriage counseling you really want to get it before trucking becomes a part of the picture. Both of you deserve to to have a fair chance at happiness. Relationships are the cornerstone of life and happiness and that relationship between a husband and wife should be the strongest each of you are in.

Keith's (Jennifer's Husband)

Advice from Larry about Marriage

I'm laughing (as always)but it's really not funny when a relationship is infiltrated by a third party. But just think of how many relationships are infiltrated because the person who gave in to temptation did it because their spouse were not attentive and nurturing to the relationship which leaves the spouse lonely and empty. Yous guys, please take care of your relationships and if you have problems, you can get CD's to listen to going down the highway to for good advice and insight for how to build healthy strong relationships and marriages.

Also if you just find AFR (American Family Radio), Bot Radio Network or other Christian talk stations, you will learn core values needed to think in a way that benefits your relationships. Also there are lectures given directly addressing the issue of creating or even restoring the marriage. Other call in shows dealing with relationships will also give you insight as to what causes problems and how to address them. So there is plenty of help out there, use it.

Most people were not raised in an environment where these things were taught or modeling in many cases so don't feel there is something wrong with you needing to gain knowledge to help you in this area. If you were raised in a single parent home (and don't waste time giving me grief about keeping it real, do some research is you have a problem with this statement) you should especially be receptive to listening to CDs or reading about building healthy relationships.

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