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The separation is bad enough. When the relationship seems to be going south, it's even worse. Both parties need to put themselves in the other person's shoes sometimes. These are 4 of the most common problems that erodes relationships, especially for truckers families. (In no particular order)

  • Poor communication
  • Taking Each Other For Granted
  • Mishandling of Money
  • Neglect

Sometimes these relationship issues arise because the other person don't care. Sometimes they arise because the person don't realize what they are doing. Not handling these four things properly in a relationship will cause serious problems.

The person who is suffering needs to be able to let the other one know how serious the situation is as early as possible if these problems exist.

Discuss it, don't let it just go on. If a person cares about the relationship, listening to each others concerns should be a desire not a burden.

Although, keep in mind many of us don't know how to show love, don't know how to relate, and sometimes don't even realize how poor our behavior is.

The person who is most aware will have to consider this when assessing the situation. In other words, if you know the background of your spouse has not been one that prepared him/her for developing good relationships successfully, then you know not to expect text book cooperation or proactive moves toward fixing the relationship.

It may be an uphill battle. This is exactly when talking to a relationship/marriage coach or counselor will help both of you get on the same page and guide the conversations into issues that need to be discussed.

That outside non threatening look in on the relationship will be much easier to absorb. But if letting it slide persists, it can easily deteriorate the relationship. You must figure out a way to bring about a discussion.

Take a listen to this track about relationships on my personal development CD for trucker. I recommend both people in the relationship listen to this track and actually the entire CD.

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