Is it wrong for me not to miss my trucker?

by Teresa

I am ok with him being gone for a few days at a time. People around me keep saying,"I don't know how you do it. It's like being a single mom."

Sometimes it feels that way, but hubby and I do talk during the day at least 3 times if not more. I let him call me for the most part, as i don't want to bother him if he is working.

Sure i feel lonely at times and his daughter misses him a lot, but the 2 of us girls seem to manage.

Right now the most he is gone is 4 days back for 2 if we are lucky then off he goes again.
I don't feel bad that he leaves, I don't cry as he drives away. Is that wrong of me to feel like that?

We love each other deeply and have been married for 14 years this year. The trucking is a new thing for him ( 6 months so far) So it may start to bother me at some point but I don't think so.

I think the hardest parts are when i don't feel well ( I have Crohn's Disease), and it knocks me down for a few days.

But i do my best to keep the house clean,clothes washed, lunches and dinner made for when he comes home and pack it up for him when he leaves.
What do you all think?

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Mar 17, 2013
From the mans point of view
by: Dan

I have been a driver for 5 years and me and my wife had the ups and downs that come with me being a driver.

She tells people that she misses me like crazy hates to see me go, but at the same time enjoys her breaks without me.

People think she is mean or our marriage is weak. I say no. as long as i'm on a 2 week trip its fine its when i do a 6 week trip that she wants and needs me home.

We joke and say we pry would divorce if i wasn't a driver and in her hair everyday. my hats off to you trucker wife's stay strong and love your drivers.

Apr 21, 2012
Nothing wrong with feeling that way :-)
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way you do. My hubby can be gone 2 -4 weeks at a time. We communicate so often, sometimes it gets There are times when my life gets so busy and he texts me and tells me he is coming home in 24 hours, I sometimes think to myself...well... we won't go

I am not sure what it would be like to have him home all the time. This kind of life is all we know. We have a wonderful time together when we go on vacation, but when we get back we are happy to go back to our routines.

We have 4 teens in the house, so it's not like I have time to cry over him.. I have never cried when he left or cried when I went to bed alone. Its just when there is emotional stress in my life I wish I could have him next to me.

Its a lifestyle, not a punishment.. lol.. He does his job, I do mine. We both know that there is someone out there that loves us and appreciates what we do on a daily basis.

Cheers to all of you!

Apr 21, 2012
That made me feel a lot better
by: T

Thanks that made me feel a bit better. You're a strong lady!

The 2 months he was gone for training was super hard both all of us. The whole summer and only seeing him twice for a day. When my daughter and I miss him we both say; "At least it's not 2 months.

Apr 21, 2012
No it isn't wrong to feel that way
by: Anonymous

No I don't think that it is wrong. My husband has been a trucker just over a year now and most of the time I don't miss him.

Our son is 4 so he misses him. We have gotten into our own routine and we have to fit my hubby in the 1 1/2 to 2 days that he might get off, he is out 7 to get that little time.

In June we will be married 16 years and he has always had a job where he came home at night and he was always there to fix things when they broke, now I have to figure out how to fix them. The first 4 months or so were very hard, he left on March 17, 2011 and my mom had died on March 8 of the same year.

He was gone almost 3 months without coming home at all. I did cry off and on for that first month or so and then when he did come home and then have to leave I would cry and my son was only 3 at the time didn't understand because for the most part he thought it was cool that his dad drives a truck.

My husband is looking for a local job where he gets home every night and most of the time I want that, but sometimes I wonder how we will work him back into our life and routine that we have gotten into without him!

I do feel bad about having those feelings, but lets face it, it doesn't matter how wonderful your guy is, he is a guy and they can all be buttheads from time to time.

Trucking runs
in my family, 2 of my cousins are truck drivers and their wives have been doing this for close to 30 years.

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