Having terrible thoughts that my husband might be teaming up with a woman and is keeping it from me?

by Judy
(Stockton California )

My husband is a OTR truck driver and he has been driving for about two and a half years,he was a team driver with another man but later I found out that he was teaming with a woman and he tried to keep it from me.

I found out and he said he took her off the truck. well he has went to drive for us now and that he is solo now but after him lying to me I don't trust him and we have been married for fourteen years.

How do I handle this terrible feeling that I have now that he's got another female partner and is lying to me.

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May 03, 2015
husband secretly teaming with other woman
by: Anonymous

I am almost divorced from my husband of 3 yrs. Because of his chooses to be a cheater. THIS STARTED 5 months after being married and then again a yr. Later secretly. He is now teaming full time with this lizzard and he is of no better quality.He claimed it to be business Lol.

His friends even said he was acting out as a school boy with a crush. Stupid I'm not and he didnt like the confrontation so he just never came back home since dec. We will be divorced in may 2015 and he however believed I would lay down and die to his Narrasist personality trucker matality. He always talked down to all those truckers sitting around the tables talking and thought he was better and still does but he is the KING of giving trucking a bad name.

He really tried to fool me but I'm sure those truckers talking to other truckers call home. He loves his porno as well and I hope he lives that life forever porn and Rosie palmer they deserve each other and he deserves no woman cause he is an abuser from the word go.

Jun 19, 2014
Not being able to trust your spouse
by: Hervy

Judy, it sounds like you guys good benefit from some marriage counseling.

Trust of course is essential in the relationship. Not just for dealing with this issue, but for the health of the relationship longtime overall.

After the deception on concealment about the female co-driver, you both are living in a situation that is totally different than prior to.

(assuming that you didn't have trust issue before)

Many people don't (can't easily) take in to account how this event affects thoughts, personality, emotions, etc.

So.....talking to someone else kind of as a mediator and sound board will help both of you communicate what it feels like from your perspective and how to best move forward.

For example, I am sure....he has no clue to what extent you are bothered by what has happened and how it generates certain types of thoughts at different times. It might be triggered by an event, (laying over somewhere) or something he says.

So there may be lack of sensitivity on his part because there might be lack of awareness. On the other hand, you might be feeling like, he SHOULD know how you feel and be more sensitive or proactive to those feelings and try to make you feel more comfortable.

The reality is, both of you might be dealing with this in the best way. This is understandable, it is something that people are not typically prepared (taught, trained, etc) to deal with.

So consider getting him to a marriage counselor. If you can't, consider seeing a counselor yourself. It will likely still benefit you a lot.

Of course if you are a believer Pray for strength, wisdom, forgiveness and compassion. (yep, I said compassion)

However, don't get caught up in substituting prayer for some type of action.

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