How I Make Money Online

I make money online with this website in several ways that you might be interested in. Discussed will be

Google Adsense
Affiliate Links
Affiliate Marketing
Hard Goods

as all are used or will be used to make money on website.

I Make Money Online With Google Ads

Google is by far the most used way to make money online on my website by placing code which will display ads provided by Google and paid for by their advertisers. I have no connection with what ads show in these Google ads. These Google Adsense are prominently marked.

They are cool because they provide additional information to the visitor about the subject matter or content that is on the page. It could advertise another site, product, job, or ways to make money all depending on what the text is about around it.

When someone clicks on a link it generate anywhere from pennies to dollars depending on the supply and demand of ad space from other websites available for the keyword that the advertiser bidded on and how much they are willing to spend. This is an example of a Google adsense.

This month April 2010, I will probably make about $150 with Google adsense.

I Make Money Online With Affiliate Links

Well i should say that I could potentially make money online with affiliate links. They are here on the site but I have not made any money with them. Here are some of my affiliate links in text and pics.

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