Starting a new relationship with OTR trucker

by Kathy
(Huntington WV)

I have just met and presumably fallen for an OTR TRUCKER..I have no experience with this... I only spent one evening and one night with him after a month or so of texting and calling.

Met online on on a dating sight. We are perfectly matched in so many ways...including astrologically if you buy into that sort of thing.... Both have horses also which is a hard match to find.

I might add we are both 62, and i'm not sure how he feels, but I rather feel my chances at a really good match are running out!!! LOL!!

So after our one in person encounter. Which was wonderful!!! We have not been able to get together for just over a month not. Had Labor Day weekend planned together but he couldn't get his home time ... Is this common?

He still texts and calls so I can only assume he has not changed his mind, but he does seem to have pulled back a little,

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Sep 10, 2016
Run as fast as you can!
by: Anonymous fast as you can! This scenario reminds me of a trucker friend I used to have. He used to hook up with all kinds of women. His favorite phrase was 'soul mate'.

With one woman, he would say he had grandkids if she did...with another he would say he had a woman he said he had rentals, etc. They play the game that gets them laid and tempers their boredom.

Have you seen his horses? Been to his home? If you have been to his home...are you sure it is his? If he is pulling back...he probably has several others on the line. Once they get what they want, they move on to conquer the next. It becomes a sickness.

I hope I am wrong. It is everyone's wish to have that true and special someone. Sadly, there are those that know that and use it to their advantage.

I wish you the best.

Sep 06, 2016
New Relationship With Over the Road Trucker
by: Ice_Mystic

First, Congrats on finding each other.

Second, I too am in a new relationship with a OTR trucker, and yes, trying to make plans and keep them is very difficult. You really have to roll with the waves when dating a trucker. Plans come and go, sometimes they work out, most of the time they don't so you have to adjust.

That being said, the best advice I can give you is, remember our men are out on the road every day, putting up with all kinds of stress. They are use to being on their own most of the time. So sometimes they seem distance, but actually they are tired, or stressed about getting the delivery done, or the blown wheel put their schedule off. There are so many things.

I know if my guy calls and he seems angry or upset, it has nothing to do with me, I'm just his sounding board. Unless he specifically says he's mad at me, I just let him vent.

As far as getting to see each other, well that's where creativity comes in. See if you can go on the road with him for a few days? If not, see if you can arrange to meet him at his next stop over for the night or weekend, he may not be able to come to you, but maybe you can go to him.

Getting together may be a little more difficult when you have horses, because we all know our horses always come first LOL.. but it's not impossible.

I know for the first 4 or 5 months with my driver, I only saw him 4 days a month. Then I went in the truck with him for a week, then another week, which BTW I LOVED, and now we spend time together as often as possible. Luckily my driver is home on most weekends this summer, but I know things will change come winter.

Really, all I can say is, go with the flow, and just enjoy what time you do get together, have fun, laugh, and make his home time as good as possible. He will look forward to coming home more and more and it will be great for you.

Take care...good luck, it's well worth the patience.

Sep 03, 2016
These things do happen in trucking
by: Hervy

Unfortunately these situation do occur in trucking Kathy. Good luck though. Hopefully things work out for you two.

If it is possible for you to go out on the road with him, it might be something to consider.

Congrats to both of you making use of technology.

Keep us posted on how things go.
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