How do you get along with your spouse as a team driver

When my husband and I team he got on my nerves. he was so negative and very controlling. I was so stressed out, I didn't have any energy. I was always tired. Then he start putting me down. Calling me lazy and this career was not for me.

His drinking had a lot to do with it also. However, he wants to team up again and I said yes being that I still love him with all of me. What should I do.

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Jul 27, 2016
Ya know...
by: Anonymous

.. you were younger then... did more childish things

Surely you've have both grown and become much more mature and I'm sure you make better decisions now than you did then... and now you can make them together

What have you got to lose? If it doesn't work out... well, just come back off the road

I would definitely give it a chance, because us old truckers rarely retire. We just keep on keepin-on

If you really dig him like you say you do, give it a chance and see if you can become senior citizens together, while getting along and being happy

There will always be bumps in the road (great analogy huh?)

But I would say "go for it" and try to stay positive no matter how negative the situation seems to be.

It's gonna be tough. Of course it is. You are going to be around eachother 24/7.. but take some back roads.. park, get out, take long walks... get some time away from eachother.. maybe get a small pet... (hopefully a dog)... although Ive seen some couples with a cat.

I can't imagine that cat taking a dump in the matter what "facilities" it has...


I vote "Yes!"

Jul 27, 2016
not team driver but a suggestion
by: Ice_Mystic

IMHO Before I went back to something I knew didn't work , I would have a long hard talk with your hubby, I would have some very defined rules of the road so to speak. Just because he's your hubby doesn't give him the right to disrespect your abilities. He should respect you as a driver and his wife.

Would he treat another driver in the same way? If so he will need to think long and hard about whether he can deal with another driver in the truck. Being his wife is just a bonus. Then I would try a short trip first see how it goes.

BTW Kudos to you for being a driver..Good luck!

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