My husband ignores me and rejects me

by Bozena
(Euless, TX)

My husband just started trucking, right now he is on the road with the trainer and I noticed a big change in his behavior.

He doesn't call me often and if he does, he is cold, rude and snappy, sounds like he's in a hurry and our conversation bothers him.

When I send him a text message with something important (I try not to initiate conversation unless it's something urgent in a mail for him).

He doesn't want to be bothered and when he talks to me, he seems to be talking to other people around, doing something else.

When I tried to express to him how I felt he became even more rude and brought me to tears. When I started crying he said that he doesn't understand me because I don't talk intelligently.

We have been married for almost 7 years and all this time I was working 2-3 jobs to support him because he could not keep the job for different reasons, mostly it was his bad attitude with people, anger, not following the rules or not paying attention to what he was doing.

I really supported him when he got accepted to the trucking school after numerous obstacles we had to overcome. As soon as he left for orientation and training to another state, he started being rude, cold and just plain mean to me.

I feel like I am a widow sometimes.
Today is one of those days when I want to a divorce lawyer for free consultation because I really had enough.

He put me through so many financial troubles and I was hoping for him to become more stable once he starts trucking and to bring home a steady paycheck, for which I have been waiting patiently 7 years.

I can't take this anymore to tell you the truth and I am on my wits end, ready to serve him papers. Believe me, we tried everything as far as counseling, prayer, talking, nothing in this world seems to help.

The longer we are together the worse it gets. I still love my husband but I can't be married to him if he messes up this job and ends up losing it. I cannot be married to someone who can't provide for the family and counts on his wife to do everything.

My health is in danger, my back is in a bad shape, I may need a surgery, so I can't work 3 jobs anymore.

Am I out of options here and should I just walk out of this marriage or is there another way?

Thank you for listening

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