how to talk to my boyfriend while his rude team driver tries to talk to him while we are on the phone

by Deanna
(Colorado )

So my boyfriend recently got a team driver in his truck with him to train. Well the guy is a total loud mouth rude booty.

Every time I call to talk to my boyfriend the guy is either yelling on his phone to the point that I can not hear anything besides his loud mouth. Or he is yelling into the sleeper at my man just dumb stuff while we are on the phone.

I am not used to this due to the fact he had been alone driving for so long. I don't get to communicate with him well besides text and it's making me super cranky to where I am mad at my man. Even tho he has done nothing.

The communication is gone now. He has told his team driver that he would like for him tone down l his voice while on the phone with me and limit the questions to important ones. But none of that has worked.

He even tried doing the same to him while he was on the phone with his girl but he just hangs up on her. I don't know what to do at this point. Our communication is gone and I feel our healthy relationship that we had 4 months ago is gone now.

What should we do?

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Jul 28, 2017
Put it into context - it's temporary
by: Hervy

Hate you are going through this Deanna but first remember that this is temporary. So the relationship should be strong enough to last through this. Especially since I guess it will bring in a lot of extra money for the period. (I am assuming here)

That being said, it seems to me that your husband should be a little more stern with the guy if possible. I don't understand how you could train someone who has so little respect that you can't make him stop acting like a spoiled kid . Unless the guy is actually so bad at driving that youR husband is actually needed each time. (LOL sad)

I think I would threaten to put him out of the truck. (Though the company probably won't let him for that alone). But they could talk to him and pretend that they will if he doesn't respect their trainer.

As far as not being able to have peaceful conversation at all though, there should be work arounds. Why can't your husband leave from around him when they park if he can't stop him?

Either way, like I said this is temporary. Either your husband mans up or just get away from around when they park.

Best of luck. Breath Deanna. :-)

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