How can I deal with my boyfriend being over the road?

by Diane Stasiowski
(Beaver, pa)

I mean how can i cope with him being over th road an not being home for 3 weeks at a time for a year?

We have been through a lot but it is getting time soon for him to leave and im not sure on how i am going to handle it.

We have rarely been apart since we have been together. I just dont want things to change dramactically and its like im not going to be a part of his life anymore.

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Sep 15, 2011
Been There
by: Anonymous

I can totally understand how you fell.Me and my guy had been dating 3 yrs. when he decided to become a truck driver.

Which was about a year ago.We both come from marriages with mental abusive spouses,so when we met we both found our soul mate.When he left it was the hardest thing in the world for me.

I buried my self in my work,had to many sleepless nights to count and lost tons of weight.I was really depressed.So 8 months ago I quit my job and joined him on the truck.I have been here ever since.

But,now I am getting off this week to go to trucking school so we can become team drivers.But,the one thing that he said got him through those first rough months was talking to me and me sounding so strong.

He calls me his little trooper.Just try to remember he is having a hard time just like you.Maybe even worse because living out here is no picnic.It is a hard life.

Try to be strong for the both of you.Never hesitate to have a good cry.(Yes,it always helps) Always let your man know you love him and you are proud of him.Then go to the spa and pamper yourself!!!!!! :)

Sep 13, 2011
maintain the spark even miles apart
by: hervy

Couldn't have said it better myself anonymous.

Hang in there Diane.

Support groups and a productive way to spend your time is a wise way to go.

Even a relationship group that tells give tips about keeping the sparks popping off will be a help.

One more thing....keep yourself up. Or if you need to get yourself in better shape. Join a gym and tone up. That will surely help you feel confident and as long as you assure him that its to keep him interested and not so you can play when he's gone, he should like that too.

well, that is as long as he doesn't have self esteem issues, in which case he may refuse to believe your doing it for him.

If that is the case make sure you get him some gifts for the truck which would be audio CD for building self esteem.

real talk,
wow, and I thought I had nothing else to say, lol
Good luck keep us posted.

Sep 08, 2011
Its going to be OK
by: Anonymous

Just stay busy in your own life and stay connected with each other.

You will find out how strong you really are. If your relationship is stable with no jealousy / trust issues; things more than likely will work out ( perhaps even be stronger ).

Good luck to you.

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