Why would someone ned to take their suit coat and dress clothes with them if they are only going to be driving truck?

by Lori

Hubby said after 30 years of marriage, together 31 years, he doesn't want to be with me anymore. He's only been driving truck for 2 months, both of them with a trainer.

He did tell me he has been talking to the girl he took to the prom 40 years ago. He came home this week and packed most of his stuff including all his dress clothes.

Why would he do that when he says he will be home in a couple of months? He even took his army memorabilia with him. He said he doesn't want a divorce and is still going to direct deposit his paychecks. Can anyone give me some insight? Does this happen to all OTR drivers at one point or another?

We went out to lunch and I did tell him I am jealous because he calls this women 2 times every day and talks for over 2 hours but can't even spare 20 minutes for me. He got mad and wondered just how I knew who he was talking to and how much and I told him his daughter is the account holder and I pay the bills.

He said there is nothing going on and that they are just catching up and she has had a bad relationship in the past and is trying to get over it, sort of comparing notes so to speak. He said he hasn't been happy for 28 years. I wish he had told me that 28 years ago I would have started my life without him.

The sad part is that I still love him and have hope for us because I'v always believed marriage was till death due us part. I told him I will never stop loving him and his words were "I can't stop you from loving me" He stopped taking his meds while on the road.

Could that have something to do with it? He has been on depression meds for quite a few years and he has diabetes, high BP, heart problems and GERD.

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Feb 19, 2012
Trucker Marriage on the Rocks 30+ Years
by: Ave

If he can give this woman several hours of his time, and not give you even 20 minutes, I think that is telling you something right there. :-(

Jul 15, 2011
Sad situation
by: Hervy


No you don't need all of that trucking.

I hate that you are going through this ridiculous situation. Wish there was something I could tell you that could magically erase the pain and suffering. The best I can tell you is to seek some good local counseling.

You a got a lot of issues going on there, compounded with the whole medication thing. If he won't go to counseling, there's another challenge.

I don't know about death do you part if the husband is doing what he is doing. Most guys won't say so but talking to a female to that extent (hours at a time and comparing relationships,"she had a bad relationship....") is cheating. It's an emotional investment that he is giving to her. So, that is not smart or healthy for YOUR relationship with him even if nothing else happens. Then he gets mad about you trying to talk to him about it. I mean that is like a brick wall. Then he says he hasn't been happy.

Like I said, I don't know what to tell you. I want to say if he doesn't agree to anything in the lines of making the relationship better, you might be better off cutting your ties.

Sounds like he is dying and he is going to make you die early, if you stick with him but he is living another life away from home and just visits you when it is convenient.

I don't know. Don't take my advice. Talk to a counselor and see what advice is given.

I will be praying that he wakes up and apologizes for the pain, and change his ways and that you heal from the wounds.... Or that you are strong enough and convicted to do what is right for your situation.

As far as till death due you part.....there are exceptions. If you are happy, (despite the troubles) That's one thing.

If you are dying inside from being neglected, abused, or rejected it's a different story.
Time for some boundaries in hopes of change or some changes on your part(my 2 cents)

Take care,

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