FTC Transportation Inc. Oklahoma City, Ok "Best Fleet to Drive For" Winners 2013-2015

by Scott Rutherford
(Oklahoma City, Ok)

Rate them as a 9Award winners For "Best Fleet to Drive For" in 2013,2014 and 2015 also awarded "Safest Small Fleet in the Nation" for 2015 by TCA. Not the average transportation company.

FTCT operates differently than most other transportation companies because it is the core carrier for the non-profit charity Feed the Children. Its drivers assist with hunger and disaster relief efforts throughout the U.S. In between its regular loads, it also hauls general commodities for third-party customers and brokers.

Drivers come to FTCT because they admire the organization’s work; they stay because they are treated well and know the company’s steadfast commitment to safety will keep them safe while on the job. The company has been very successful in attracting and keeping safe drivers, as its driver turnover rate was only 14.63% as of December 2014.

From extensive training to safety-based financial incentives, FTCT’s employees (including non-drivers) have the culture of safety instilled in them from the moment they apply for the job. Everyone is tracked monthly on a “balanced scorecard” that includes at least one safety element.

Professional truck drivers receive a $25 gift card and are entered for an annual cash drawing every time they pass a roadside/DOT inspection with zero violations found. New drivers receive sign-on bonuses for remaining accident-free at six
months and one year after beginning employment.

The months of April and October are set aside for extra emphasis on employee health and safety matters, with special events designed to raise safety awareness and avoid complacency (for example, a backing skills course and contest, a mirror adjustment station, mock DOT inspections, etc.).

New in 2014, the company began completing on-road observations (ORO) with each driver to fully survey their safety habits and to offer coaching and counseling for any deficiencies. The ORO’s are conducted with every professional driver, regardless of length of service or driving experience.

According to the company’s grand prize application, “At FTC Transportation, we are never content with our current safety picture. Our President has pushed us to try new and different approaches to safety while building on the safety processes that have been proven to work. He has reminded us continually over the past 12 years, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.”

So, we do not settle for merely achieving our safety goals, but instead we strive to exceed them and then set new, higher goals.” This is why I love it here. Everyone is here to help everyone and I get to drive with the Safest, Caring Professional Drivers on the road.

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