Professional Truck Drivers

The professional driver, both old and new must have an attitude that demands respect. A positive mindset and pride in your work is part of that attitude. We must be an asset to the industry and to your company.

Every now and then, I hear drivers complaining about sub groups of the trucking industry. It's common for instance to hear older drivers put down the new drivers.

"They are not the same this new breed, they don't care and don't respect the job"

 There is good and bad in both old and new drivers. The latter generation is just reflecting what their parents instilled (or didn't instill) in them so now who do we blame? lol.

Reality is,from what I see both new drivers and old drivers have some serious lessons to learn and some self improvements to make. If we don't get serious about taking responsibility with our health, improving our attitudes, taking more pride in our jobs, having greater respect for property and become more intentional in nurturing our family relationships, we will not only not bring drivers closer together, but we will see conditions of the trucking industry become more and more undesirable. While at the same time our own lives will slowly fall apart at the seams.

It's time for reflection of self and striving to become better men, and women which of course will by default forces us to become better truck drivers. We will also become better husbands, better wives, better parents, better employees, etc. It's time for a new and improved trucking industry with quality trucking companies that treats drivers like team members. It's time for the public to understand that truckers are a complex breed who are capable of doing more than driving be we drive because it is what we love to do.

It is time for drivers to understand what it takes to make sure the family at home is happy and content with a connectiveness of heart despite days and miles apart.

This is the new vision of the trucking industry. You can make it happen.

But Who Are These Clowns!

There are those clowns who trash the bathrooms, truck stop parking lots, Walmart parking lots, highway ramps and even weigh station parking lots.

I don't understand the logic. Because we already have problems finding parking sometimes. Why would a person even be inclined to do these things. There is absolutely no good to come of it. If this type of things makes you feel good, you really should seek counseling because it is not normal.

You can't complain about "No Trucker Parking" signs or how you are treated by others for that matter if you are ok with doing these types of things.

So I ask you to think about your actions.

Do you make it easy for people to hate us. Do you make it easy for them to have no respect.

The trucking industry is at a verge of shifting to a model more suitable for drivers. With the shortage of good drivers and increased enforcement eventually pay will have to rise. Will you be someone that makes the transition hard to come by?

Remember that there is a reason for pick up and delivery times. Yeah I know we get lied to sometimes and sometimes. With the way some drivers act I can figure out why. So that is not going to change until we take the appointment times serious and then bring it to their attention to be given accurate times.

Shippers, receiver, brokers, all have to have confidence that the driver takes pride in his/her performance and actually cares about the appointment times, until then we will always end up somewhere waiting around.

Does Family Life Affect Trucking Jobs

It's not my business but I do want to remind you these things...

Because you are away from home doesn't mean you will get away with straying from your family commitments. Don't fool yourself and think you can have women on the road and it won't affect your relationship with your family. Take a stroll through the submissions by trucker's wives on this site. They know something is wrong. They can't prove it but they are living the neglect and pain.

Any intimate relationships will draw attention from your family and it may also cause you to become suspicious of your spouse for no reason. That alone is a tattle tale sign.

There are a small percentage of truckers who feel that because they are so far from home that they will get away with. It's never as easy as it seems or without consequences. Usually it ends up causing a destroyed family and costing a whole lot of money and depression. Even though this is a small fraction of truckers, talk of this behavior spreads like wildfire and is why most women feel that no trucker is faithful.

So basically cheating on your wife and destroying your family is not only hurting your current situation but it will add to the negativity you will encounter in your next relationship, especially if you will still be a driver. Most people are out here on the road to make money in order to create a good future. How does living a double life play into all of this?

I mean how does it end? So think about it. Stay true to your goals and objectives. Avoid the pitfalls that you see others go through. Your relationship will be hard enough with you being on the straight and narrow.

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Nutrition and Exercise

Proper nutrition and regular exercise is probably the most effective way to prevent of diseases and maintain good health.

It is also the cheapest way to live a healthier live.

Truckers are prone to diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and stroke. Don't wait until you are sick or kicked out of your job to start taking care of your body.

Government is passing legislation that basically insinuates that we are either to dumb or irresponsible to take care of ourselves on our own.

We complain about these rules and regulations. But lets see, look it true? "Say it aint so!"

Maybe we do need some help to make better choices. Maybe the government is actually forcing you to improve the quality of a lot of people's lives.

Health and Wellness

It's always good to have health and wellness in mind when making every day decisions. Whether those decisions are to engage in activities that may become daily habits or choosing what foods to make a part of your regular diet. These are lifestyle choices that will become just normal habits if you keep up the practice.

To not keep healthy living in mind could mean dealing with pain and suffering later and high health cost to top things off. Healthy Foods for the Road