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Trucking life is challenging but can be financially rewardingBecoming a trucker is a serious decision that affects the entire family.  Find out if you are compatible for the trucking lifestyle and how to choose the right trucking job for a successful career.

New Truck Driver Tips

Becoming an Owner Operator

Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Choosing a Company

Some Topics Covered

We will fill you in on what to expect as a truck driver and also answer your questions...

More trucking related info you will learn...

Trucker Success Coaches at give you the info and insight that you need to make trucking a successful career.

Other than hitching a ride with a driver, what you are doing right now, researching trucking life on the web is the best way to experience life as a trucker. I commend you for being so smart!

Here you will find videos, audios and text with answers from and interviews with experienced truckers about the good, the bad and the ugly of trucking jobs, trucking companies and the  trucking industry.

Browse around the site as I take you with me through pictures and stories for a journey of life as a trucker, while revealing some of the things I have learned from driving professionally 13 plus years and over a million miles. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Life as a Trucker will entertain, educate, inform, motivate, and inspire

You will get answers to questions you've always had and
thoughts you've always wondered.

AND . . .
insight to help you be make better driving decisions around trucks.

With these tips you will be able to show off to your friends in the car by throwing out information they don't have!

Changing the Face of the Trucking Industry

Truckers Life - Free Class About Trucking

Trucking jobs are important and in demand.  These are jobs some of the reasons.

Purpose of Life as a Trucker

My purpose of is to. . .

1. Educate the person who is thinking about becoming a truck driver so that he or she will know what to expect. This will bring better quality drivers to the industry because they will have the information about transportation logistics and life on the road to make informed decision before getting on the road

2. Create a place for truckers and 4wheelers to mingle and interact leading to better understanding each other's highway habits.  Making it easier to share the roads, increasing efficiency and improving safety.   

3. To provide a place for professional drivers to unite with each other. Sharing information in the truckers forum and other places on the site. (Information such as good trucking companies, and truck stops to visit to get value service, best brokers to use, etc)

Ride with me!
Becoming a Trucker
Trucking Families In Need Of Prayer

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CDL Training
CDL training options so you can get trucking
Trucking Tips For New Drivers
Trucking tips for new drivers to help make life as a trucker a little less painful and a lot more productive. This will be your shortcut to success as you gain from my mistakes or the ones I've seen.
Women In Trucking
The number of women in trucking is steadily increasing. Some companies now makes extra efforts to recruit women to be truck drivers. Here is what lady drivers can expect
Ask A Trucker
ask a trucker question you have alway wondered
Company Drivers
Learn about company driver pay, responsibilites and realities that comes with OTR trucking jobs.
Owner Operators Jobs
Information about becoming and owner operator and different types of jobs with that title. Important to note: Owner Operator is not a Job, it is a business.
Trucking And The D.O.T./Highway Patrol
What you need to know about the D.O.T., highway patrol and smokey bears while over the road
Used Trucking Equipment For Sale
used trucking equipment for sale by drivers themselves. This is where you will find deals. Feel free to post your equipment.
A Truckers Life
Trucker life is a slightly different adventure every day. These videos and pictures my account of a day will help to you experience trucking life over the road.
Life As A Trucker Comments
Life as a trucker comments page. What people have to say about the website.
Freight Brokering
Freight brokering is arrangement by a 3rd party to transport the products of a shipper. Can be a work at home opportunity for truckers wives. Can also be a way for owner operators to make more money.
Motivation to change bad habits
Motivation to change bad habits
Trucker Interviews
Trucker Interviews with interesting truckers and other peope while out on the road
Trucking Life Blog
Life on the road and the trucking lifestyle. Ask questions and get answers about trucking jobs, trucking schools, relationships and over the road driving.
Contact Us
Contact Us
Qualify For CDLs
This page will list resources to help you determine if you qualify for cdls.
Advice For Truckers And Truckers Wives
Life as a trucker presents Jennifer and Julie the perfect combination of education and experience to give advise for truckers and truckers wives about relationships, family, and more.
Achieving Better Health As A Trucker
Making better choices can help you achieve better health as a trucker. The lifestyle at most trucking companies is pretty sedentary as a driver. Here is some advice for better health
Truck Driving Jobs
Find truck driving jobs, trucking comanies and info about career outlook and recommendations by drivers
Truckers Wives
Truckers wives play an important role in the trucking lifestyle. The wife of a trucker must be strong, compasionate and understanding to support her trucker husband.
Truckers Forums
Truckers forums is where you vent, discuss, ask questions or just mingle. Get it of your chest at
Crazy Trucker Stories
Crazy Trucker Stories
Show Trucks
pics and video of pics of show trucks
Drivers Lounge
The drivers lounge is the place where truckers come to relax watch video play game and meet people and share secrets of the road
Truckers Videos
truckers videos
Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement
About Us
Well I don't know how much you guys really want to know. But here is the medium version. I will come and do a short version when I get a chance.
Reality of Trucking
The realities of trucking are sometimes taken for granted. These are disadvantages of becoming a trucker that can't be ignored.
Life of a Trucker
This poem will summarize the life of a trucker for you in 2 words. Very Colorful. I will explain why if you really want to know about the life of a trucker before you decide to become one.
Advantages Of Becoming A Truck Driver
There are a lot of benefits of becoming a truck driver. Here are a few good ones.
Depression In Trucking
How could there not be depression in trucking. Relax it won't last, that is if you follow my suggestions.
Recommended Diesel Mechanics
Recommended diesel mechanics that care about driver satisfaction, quality of work and good reputation.
Freedom At Work
Freedom at the workplace for me means that the boss is not hoovering over your every move micro-managing your tasks. As a trucker you escape the shackled life. Work with freedom.
How Do You Start Creating Wealth
How do you start creating wealth ?You feed your mind to unleash creative thinking. Save money you make and build your credit. Meanwhile you learn where to invest to make you money grow exponentially
Making It trucking In Today's Economy
Choosing a trucking company in today's economy is not far from should be done during any other time. Almost.
How is The Economy Affecting The Trucking Industry
It affects everything but trucking will never screech to a halt.
Marriage Advice For Truckers or Truckers Wives
Marriage advice for truckers or truckers wives from a males perspective
Answer to Changing Professions to Truck Driving
Changing professions to truck driving is a group of anwers to a person thing of changing careers from nursing to trucking
Jennifer's Blog
Jennifer's blog on
Abuse of authority happens every now and then, we must remember that the officer has the leverage. Best to act like you have some sense and be tactful in your response. Report incidents here.
Oilfield Trucking Jobs
Oilfields provides all types of trucking opportunities. They tend to pay more than a regular dry van trucking job just as most specialty trucking jobs. Take a look at life as an oilfield trucker..
Is Trucking a Recession Proof Career
Is trucking a recession proof career? Well do you mean literally or figuritively speaking? Trucking is the last to scale down and the first to recover in a recession so there you have it.
Parenting Tips For A Truckers Wife
Here are some parenting tips for a truckers wife. These are not just trucking families parenting tips though, you may also want to pass them on to your loved one as food for thought from Jennifer S.
Answer to trucking questions about comments on rip off report
Websites like ripoff report is a tremendous value but the reader may still have questions about the comments and complaints. Here is some insight about the information you see at such websites.
Newbie Truckers Profiles
Newbie truckers profiles on life as a is for drivers with less than one year experience.
I Don't Trust My Trucker Husband
I don't trust my trucker husband. Is this you? Is there a reason that you shouldn't trust him. Just because he is trucking doesn't mean he will elope with a lot lizard.
Changing The Face Of The Trucking Industry
Changing trucking industry perceptions is not easy to do. We all must put forth an effort if there is any hope for truckers to be seen in a more positive light.
Understanding Your Trucker
What is a relationship? Understanding the difference between the way a man and a woman thinks might help you in understanding your trucker.
Ex Truckers Getting Back Into Trucking Need Experience
Many ex truckers trying to get back into trucking find themselves either facing low starting salaries or trouble getting hired without recent driving experience. Let's cut through that red tape here.
Lady Truckers Trucking It Up
Lady truckers give advice about trucking life and sharing the road with four wheelers.
Chaining Up For Winter Driving
In some places you are required to chain up, put snow chains on tires when the D.O.T. gives the word. After a certain time of year you must carry them in the truck.
When Is It Time To Let Go
When is it time to let go? When it leads to destruction, counter productive results, depression. But it varies from person to person. You have to evaluate your situation from the big picture. video
Casting Call For Lady Truckers
Casting lady truckers for "Mother Truckers" a docu-series shown on Major Network. A Wonder Productions Project
Alabama Trucking
alabama trucking, alabama trucking companies, alabama trucking jobs
Class A Drivers License
Private trucking school to get your class a drivers license to become a commercial drivers is a good choice for the right person.
How To Handle Life When It Throws You a Curve Ball
Life is all about learning and helping others building meaningful relationships along the way. But what do you do when life throw you a curve ball. Well, you duck or swing but which and then what...
Idaho Trucking
Idaho trucking companies advertising for locat and OTR truck drivers. You will also find trucking resources such as Idaho Trucking Assoication link. See if you are compatible for the lifestyle here
Tips For A Worrying Trucker's Wife
Tips for a trucker's wife to help her cope with the worrying, the stress and the unknown
Types of Truck Driving Jobs
There are many types of truck driving jobs. The type of CDL job will determine pay, time out OTR, amount of physical work, and even level of danger in some cases.
Healthy Trucking Vitality Program
Healthy trucking vitality program has the potential to change the lives of truckers if they participate.
Local Truck Driving Schools
Local truck driving schools that meets acceptable standards of teaching will be the most cost effect for you. Search here to find the closest school in your area.
Willing To Train Other People to Get a CDL
Willing ot train other people to get a CDL? List yourself here. Helping people to get their permit and CDL with training or renting a truck is in big demand.
Truckstop Tips
Here are some truckstop tips to give you a little insight while your trucking across the country
2008 Iowa 80 Jamboree Truck Show
The 20 Iowa 80 Jamboree Truck Show is a great place to discover new products for trucks and meet truckers. You will also find many vendors of familiar new products and trucking companies and network.
Big Truck Burnouts
big trucks burnouts
Power of the Mind
The power of the mind is an incredible thing. It is as underated as the professional trucker.
Can You Take Someone With You On The Road
Can you take someone with you on the road?
Truck Stop
The truck stop is a drivers home away from home. There you will find showers, restaraunts, games, theatre, and sometimes a barbershop. Oh yeah and fuel.
Backing Up
Backing up is something that gives trouble to many drivers. Here is a word of advice to help you develop your skills quicker.
Learning to Shift
Learning to shift is not hard to do. Don't worry, you will be taught this is trucking school. Most want to learn shifting without a clutch.
Peace Of Mind
Peace of mind for you and your loved ones are important when you leave home for weeks at a time. Here are some tips to get it.
A Good Diet Plan
A good diet for truckers is very important. We are already at a great disadvantage because we are so sendentary. But whats a good diet. Here are healtheir choices you should make.
Controlling Behavior in the Trucking Lifestyle
Some truckers have controlling behavior that make being over the road a strain that it doesn't have to be. Identify and change it. Live better.
Easy Driver Health Tip
Driver health is important to all. Here is an easy tip that is also cheap to practice.
High Paying Local Truck Driving Jobs
There are some high paying local truck driving jobs. In many cases the hours might not be as favorable as you might think, you will be home nightly.
Local Trucking vs Over The Road
Local trucking vs over the road points out some of the things that can makes them different other than the obvious
Avoid Running Illegal Or Driving Tired
Some new driver worry about being forced to run illegal or drive tired. Here are some tips for helping you avoid and cope with that situation
Stress in Trucking
Stress in trucking is experienced almost daily. Manage it.
How To Loose Belly Fat
This is how to loose belly fat. Its a simple process the problem is the discipline that is required. Here's how I did it.
How Much Money Do Truckers Make
How much money do truckers make in 2013? For new drivers from $20,000 to $40,000. I'll explain why the spread.
Winter Driving Safety Tips
Winter driving safety tips to help you make it through the snow and ice with the hopes of avoiding skids and sliding off into the ditch. Get mentally prepared for winter driving read these safety tips
Taking a Pet on the Road
Here is how you can take a pet whether it's a dog or cat over the road with you. Check the company pet policy.
Becoming a Trucker
Becoming a trucker a trucker is not hard to do. Here are some things that you should consider first. Then you will learn how to proceed.
Defensive Driving Tips
Driving defensively will help you to avoid incidents with other motorists. All drivers can benefit from this practice especially important for holiday traveling.
Life insurance
Life insurance is important for truckers. Learn some of the differences between whole and term life
Dealing With Dispatchers
Dealing with dispatchers can be a little tricky at times. It requires skills that doesn't come naturally for most of us. Here are some tips.
Increase Your Monthly Income
Here is how to increase your monthly income as a new driver
Parking For Trucks
Parking for trucks is getting scarce. You might have to get creative to find authorized or safe truck parking. Here are some tips.
Personal Development
These Personal Development and self improvement videos will help you with awareness, mindfulness, social skills around relationships, work, parenting, health and life in general.
Free Time OTR
People have asked me a lot about how what do I do in my free time. How do I keep from getting bored? This video answers those questions.
Sharing the Road With Trucks
Tips for sharing the road with big trucks for new drivers and holiday travelers. I want to help you make traveling safer for you and other highway users.
Should I Date a Trucker
Should I date a trucker is a question that ladies coming to the site ask often. Here is how to figure it out. Drivers, this video is also important for you. A smart women will ask this question and assure her what you bring to the table and what she can expect from you.

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