How To Keep Your Woman

Be a better man than what your spouse is used to having. Not that it is a competition; but don't be just like the clown she was with before you or you might end up where he is!.

If the last guy that she had was a real man and knew how to treat her she probably would still be with him.

So if you love your woman don't just say it, show it. Always try to improve to be a better person as well as a better man.

Think of what she goes through being at home with you away over the road.

Remember what most people think about truckers.  Because of this, you really can't afford to be a slacker in the relationship because it will make it easy for her to think you are one of those truckers that she hears about.

That definitely won't help her be the type of woman you want at home.

If you expect to have a quality woman waiting for you when you get home from the road,you are going to have to be a quality guy. Most good, smart, mature, stable minded women are not going to put up with a bunch of abuse or neglect.

Express your appreciation and love for her being that woman you deserve. Let her know she chose a the right man, a real man. Treat her like she is the best thing that happened to you. Based on my communication, you shouldn't assume that you are expressing love.  You should ask what things makes her feel loved and lets her know that you care.

If she seems to be acting like there is something bothering her, it is likely she does not feel like secure, loved or important.   Encourage her to communicate with you, show that you are concerned.

If you are thoughtful, she will be thoughtful.  Show her love and affection and she will give you respect and show appreciation.  Show her that you are always thinking about her.  She will feel safe, secure and confident.

If you are in question about how you are treating her, or about the things that you should do while on the road, just put yourself in her shoes.

If she was treating you like you are treating her, would you like it?  That one exercise will solve a lot of problems.  Don't get caught up in online relationships, thinking  it is just a way to waste time.  It's a poor irresponsible choice that won't end well.

You could have ended up with a real sleazy, gold digging, drama mama why not treat her like a queen if she is a queen.

  • Leave a note for her to come across when you leave, telling her what she means to you or even just saying have a nice day.
  • Leave her some dark chocolate under her pillow to find when she makes up the bed after you leave with a not saying, "I can't wait to see you".
  • Dark chocolate has health benefits don't use regular chocolate, lol, but don't use it as an excuse to binge on chocolate either!)

  • Call her sometimes just to let her know you are thinking about her.
  • She shouldn't wonder how you feel about her, she should know without a doubt. It's easy to let those little expressions of love fade when you are a trucker over the road dealing with so many issues everyday. You will have to make a conscious effort to be that better man.

    It's easier than you think to be a better man.

  • Pay more attention and show that you care
  • Show more appreciation

You may be very pleased and surprised at the reaction you get.

If you love your woman and want her to remain your woman, this advice could serve you well as a trucker. But if and only if you choose a good woman from the start.

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