What to Do With Free Time

Truckers and trucker wives might find themselves with free time.  First I want to talk about the certain mindset which address free time of the OTR trucker and the trucker wife.

OTR Trucker Ideas

I have hit a bowling alley, table tennis, state fair, club.  You name it I have done it in free time.  However, on the regular I spend my free time doing something productive.

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Reading personal development
  • Working on this website
  • Recording or editing videos
  • Creating and running ad campaigns
  • Internet Marketing
  • Building websites

Trucker Spouse at Home Ideas

You pretty much have some of the same options available to you.  Find something productive and creative to do.  I always tell trucker wives to consider learning to dispatch or become a freight broker if the plans are to become an owner operator.

Also, if part of the plan is for the driver to come off the road then you could also investigate getting and running your own authority so that another driver could drive the truck.

Of course you have meetup groups, non profit organization to volunteer at, community college classes, gym classes and other options as well.

The goal is to not waste your time but invest your time in a way that is in line with the goals you have.

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