Best Trucking Companies Are
Driver Recommended

Having said that, a trucking company that is the right one for one person may not be the right one for someone else.  Remember that.

  • Recommended Trucking Companies Listed Below
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Truck Washes
  • CB Shops
  • Truck Stops

  • Driver recommended companies will be your best choice generally speaking.

    As stated before, many recruiters are paid to get you in the door so they kind of have an agenda that is not necessarily in your best interest.

A well managed company should avoid allowing recruiters to conduct their business this way because if a driver gets a job that doesn't match what he expected then he's going to be unhappy.

Companies are trying to get better at driver satisfaction but they don't all make sure that every member of their team is participating in the effort. This means as always, you still have to look out for yourself.

Choose driver recommended companies when possible.  At the least, try to confirm the information that recruiters tell you before going to trucking job at the company.

Caveat:  Some drivers are recruiting heavily in order to get a check for recruiting.  You have to watch out for them as well. Nothing is wrong with that if they truthfully like the company.  Find out what they like about the company and if that matters to you and your needs.

Disclaimer: We have a referral program but I haven't used a referral link and don't care if you tell them I sent you or not.  In fact, I rather you didn't unless I talked you, lol.  Cause I don't know you and don't want to be associated with referring a driver unless I personally feel that you have the right attitude and agenda.  But this site usually attracts smart, forward thinking, upright visitors so I do share info with you like I know you.  However, I didn't suggest that you should work here.  YOU must decide based on the information that I provide and the answers they give to the questions that you ask them at the company if you call.  I am referring to the company I talk about in the video and below.

Ask Drivers Why The Rating?

This means asking a lot of questions to drivers for their recommendation of trucking companies. Go to local truck stops and hang around a little. Just let the manager know that you're thinking about becoming a trucker  and you want to talk to some drivers about the companies they work for.

Read choosing a company to know what questions to ask.

Post Your Driver Recommended Company Below

Good Companies To Work For are Driver Recommended

Do you need to find a better company or do you think your company deserves to be listed with other recommended companies. Please let us know if you are working for a good company.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Mabe's Trucking Review 
8 out of 10. If you live close to Eden,NC you will get home every weekend. built in inverters, apu's KW's and Pete's governed at 68mph. OK been here …

Review of SCHNEIDER  
Overall they are a good company to work for; however, they do not pay very well. For me, there is also issues with their overall scoring system for bonuses. …

How Swift could improve driver satisfaction 
if we could have fridges an an inverter to run a microwave i would give the a 10, i don't care about APUS that much with 26,000 trucks that would cut …

Panther Expedited experience 
Rated: 4. Panther is not the same Panther as before 2006! If the dispatchers are talking, they're lying. They have large orientation classes at least 3 …

Pepsi cola 
I give them a 5. Unsafe trucks, Slave type Labor, Pay does equal to the Physical Labor and wear and tear on your body. Decent Benefits

Trans Am 
Start Orientation this Tues but I've been hearing all of the Bitching and crying when it comes to Trans Am's lease program. Ok let's get a few things …

Paschall Truck Lines 
0 This is the worse company anybody can drive for they give you a load and before u can pick it up they take u off of itthey don't get you home when u …

Howells Motor Freight.  
I will give them a 8 they are a reefer hauling company out of Roanoke Va. they are very nice and respectful. family based company. will get you home on …

Trucking companies suffer from poor management 
I would give all of the companies I have worked for, Werner, swift, hunt, fed ex, priority a minus 7. All of the managers stunk except for one woman, …

Preston/Yellow/Roadway/New penn 
110 all the way...... both Local and OTR .. stayed at top shelf hotels never had a cold shower... g/l NON-Union Boys Retired at 50.....full beni's

trucking in west virginia 
any good trucking company who will sponser cdl

Con-Way Frt 
Heed my advice.Stay away from these people.They have done nuthin but screw their drivers for the past 2 yrs or so.Done away with company pension.They stopped …

Colonial Freight System 
Colonial Freight Scam Have you ever worked for a company that just lie about everything? Well add Colonial Freight System to that list. From day one …

Trans X 
I can't say this is the best company but one of the best I've worked for. Trans X Vancouver is a lot better than their office in Winnipeg.

Colonial Freight Systems 
Colonial is hiring lease operaters and man do they lie do you,so they can have someone to make their truck payments.They will tell you it's no forced dispatch …

Maverick Transoportation 
On a 1-10 scale I'd give them a 9 to 9.5. Main terminal in North Little Rock, Ar. Flatbed- steel, sheet rock, etc. This company has been excellent. …

Carolina convict is a great company if you like working with ex convicts, running teams and only making 10cents a mile. The recruiter said i would make …

Prime Inc 
I am just getting started with Prime Inc. Can any of you drivers provide me with feedback about Prime Inc?

PTG Logistics Review 
PTG is a small company out of Cincinnati.We only have about 120 trucks or so. I have been there for 1 year and 3 months now and absolutely love it.To …

5 not paid enough .27 per mile forced to be stuck at terminals for silly ass classes on information not needed for instance had to take log class for missing …

Wayne Sell Trucking, Cabot Pa 
On a scale from 1-10 I would give them a 4 at very best What I like about them ~They tended to keep me moving, however, moderate hauls, and low …

Does anybody have any info they wouldn't mind sharing about the type of company Stevens is to work for? Thanks

Is Us express a good company to drive for? 
Looking to see if this a company to drive for.

Ronald Gross Inc. Cabot,Pa. 
on a scale of 1-10 i give them a 8. Family based company and they make you feel like one of the family. Good equiptment,not brand new but in very good …

knight transportation/based in phoenix arizona 
8. Family company. Dispatchers in different regions are competitive with each other. Company tries to be honest and fair. Not bad pay but not real …

Carter Express 
Our main freight is automotive parts as well as well as other freight We are located in Anderson Indiana as well as Texas Arkansas Tennessee Ohio …


Martin transportation Review Not rated yet
8. Management is great you almost feel like an o/0 at least on the Beaumont office equipment is ok. Shop could use more help and pay tolerable

Piedmont Logistics Rated 8 out of 10 Not rated yet
They run you where you like to run You can take a dog with you APU and Refrigerators in the Assigned Volvos You can walk in and talk to upper …

Roman Motor Freight Not rated yet
I injured y back unloading the freight in New York, was crawling on hands and knees to lose doors and drive to Chico, again on hands and knees opening …

Ben's asphalt,inc Hiring Not rated yet
10 - brand new trucks, home every evening for dinner. Great pay, days off when needed. Family owned. Point to something wrong, mechanics fix over night. …

What is the better company to work for out of Jacksonville out ot these 3? Not rated yet
Which is the better company to work for locally out of Jacksonville, FL.? Saddle creek logistics, Rienheart Foods, or Patriot Logistics

jb hunt dedicated home depot Not rated yet
I rate jb with a 2 on this dedicated account they tell u 1000 dlrs a wk I average 3-400 dlrs a wk after taxes and insurance.if u complain they give u …

CR Engand reviewed by a driver Not rated yet
9 - No trucking company is perfect, however they keep me rolling. We have thousands of trucks and drivers; I could only imagine how difficult it is to …

jb hunt driver experience Not rated yet
I give jb hunt a 2. Most loads are 300 to 400 miles after you drop and send empty call it takes hours before you get another load. Night dispatch will …

Marten Transport driver review Not rated yet
on a scale of 1-10 i give em a 6 only because i do get a paycheck but a lot of headaches trying to get reimbursed on anything. If you have medical …

Dawson Truck Lines Not rated yet
9 Overall good place to work. Owner picks up his phone and talks to me when needed. Just added retirement 401 plan and pay is good. Most people in Dawson …

previously worked for MCT Not rated yet
I would rate them about a 4. Terrible equipment, especially for the new driver. And dispatching leaves a lot to be desired.

SRT- Southern Refrigerated Transport. Not rated yet
On a scale i would have to place this company at a low 4, it all has to do with management. Southern Refrigerated has the potential of being a great …

Hawkeye Truck & Trailer Sales Not rated yet
If you are in the Dubuque Ia area. Check these guys out.

Metropoliton Trucking Not rated yet
I worked for them for 2 years when they used to be a good company to work for. Now they have totally went down hill more than ever. They used to give …

When will trucking companies wake up Not rated yet
I totally agree. Only the companies are earning so much money these days without a bit of care for their drivers including those rude and illiterate managers, …

10 out of 10! This company has been very good to me for a lot of years. I will never tell someone that everyday as a trucker is a holiday, but Colonial …

Bancroft and Sons Transportation Not rated yet
10 Family owned and operated for 42 yrs. Lots of miles on my dedicated team route and I still get home 2 days a week. New Trucks on a regular basis …

the company is good but the supervisors are the worst,they the cancer in this company. The score for this company is 5.

Feedback on U.S. Express Not rated yet
I would say a five for now. I only have six months experience but feel things could be a lot different. Started in march 2011 ran as a team getting …

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Colonial Freight Systems Not rated yet
10 out of 10.... if there is such a company. Colonial is a smaller company (which I really like), out of Knoxville, Tennessee. They are a family owned …

central refrigerated Not rated yet
I work for central refrigerated and i give them a rating of two. thanks

MCENTIRE PRODUCE/Columbia ,S.C. Not rated yet
0-mcentire is another great company 2 work 4 if you like salary. I was paid 600.00 a week. i drove slip seat old worn out freightliners/volvo. drive …

National freight (nfi) Vineland NJ  Not rated yet
8 nice equipment, good miles home every Sunday no touch freight what i don't like they tell you what you can bring and cannot bring. I got …

New Driver CDL Training Programs Not rated yet
These programs will cost you over $10,000.00 in pay the first year. DO THE MATH!

READY TRUCKING Not rated yet

U HARD AT WORK Not rated yet

Click here to write your own.

Of course you can check back here, as we grow we will collect more and more driver recommendations on good companies to work for.

Understand that you won't find a trucking company that is perfect. You must a trucking company that fits what you need. That makes the company perfect for you.

Here are examples of info from companies that I worked for in the past.  How I would have listed it. 

Two companies that I can recommend . . .

These two listing are for examples only for people who might want to list their company at the bottom of the page.  MBM is not the same company as when I worked there and Caldwell is now out of business.

Mitchel Brothers Moving (Greensboro NC)

On a scale of 1 - 10 I give them a 8

What I Liked

  • They kept me moving (I didn't have to sit and wait on loads)
  • They were reasonably flexible with scheduling
  • The pay was good.  (wasn't the best)
  • The staff was respectful (I had no problems personally)
  • My driver manager was competent (able to co-ordinate the loads well)
  • I wasn't forced to run northeast or northwest
  • If I wanted to be home on a weekend I could. (depends on where you live they only have 1 terminal, Greensboro NC)
  • Reasonably nice equipment (not fancy but not run down)
  • Company small enough that you can talk to the person you need to talk in order to feel your voice was heard (This includes the owners of the company who work everyday at the company or are driving themselves. Two brothers with a spiritual foundation and drive to succeed. Started with a little box truck.)  Different owners now.

What I didn't like

~The pay raises were slow as company driver (as owner operator was great)

~No dispatch on weekends (most times you were still moving though from Friday dispatch though)

Overall I enjoyed my time with them.

Caldwell Freight Lines out of Lenoir, North Carolina

On a scale of 1 - 10 I give them a 7

What I like about them

  • They keep me moving (plenty of freight)
  • They try to keep you running in an area you don't mind running.
  • I get exercise while working as a trucker driver (Unloading)
  • (goes back to what I was saying about a company being perfect for the individual, I like physically demanding work. I view it as paid exercise, some drivers don't want to load or unload)
  • The equipment is nice equipment (not fancy or run down)
  • The office staff is respectful and competent.

What I don't like

~There are some things that could easily be changed that haven't to increase productivity for everyone and lower overhead for the company. These things haven't changed yet after repeated suggestions even though they confirmed that the suggestions make sense. Something wrong with that to me.

~The pay isn't the greatest in new furniture hauling business for company drivers.(compared to other dry van hauling its fine but that's comparing apple and oranges) Owner operators pay is great.

~You don't get an itemized statement with your check. We often do odd and end unplanned things. (Hard to know what your paid for exactly without badgering the office personnel)

~ Trucks just got governed to 70 mph (speed limit out west 75mph)

Driver who I have spoken to Recommended These Companies

An Webber is a company that a driver I met named Larry highly recommended. You can actually view this recommendation for yourself on the driver interviews page. Look for the interview with Larry They are based out of Kankakee, Illinois, just 60 miles south of Chicago.

CFI was recommended by Nard, a driver I met down in W Memphis a few weeks ago. CFI (Contract Carriers)based out of Joplin, Mo was acquired by Con-Way Truckload. Nard said he wasn't going anywhere. He had his wife riding with him on the big road. (They looked like happy newly weds.) Hopefully they will come through the site and tell us how trucking life is for couple riding together.
I spoke to a guy out one day, I don't remember his name or where we were I thing we were in Mississippi at the Pilot off I-55. I have to start carrying a pad.

Anyway, he drove for Western Express flat bed division. He gave them a 7 out of 10. He said that he started in the van division but he didn't like it situation with that at all (that could have been the dispatcher or not). Now he said things are lovely trucking at Western Express.
I recently met Tino at the Pilot in South Carolina I-85 exit 90 I think. He drive's for J. B. Hunt. He said at first he wasn't getting the miles at J.B. Hunt. He ended up moving which caused him to also change dispatchers. After that things improved so much that he is now happy at J.B. Hunt. In fact, he says he is planning to lease on to J.B. next year as an owner operator. Tino really had some good advice for drivers I am going to see if I can get him to do a page.

Well that's all for now I am out the shop and it time to head to pharr tx. October 14th signing off . . . enjoy the day. Later

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