Driver Recommended Diesel Mechanics

These are my driver recommended diesel mechanics for the Greensboro NC area. Sparkplug was a driver for a long time before he became a mechanic. Trucking runs in his family. He's good people with an excellent reputation. He is still driving truck part-time and doing mechanic work part-time. He can tell you things that you'll never hear anywhere else. I highly recommend him if you are in or around Greensboro and need work done. He also has access to a wrecker if you need towing done. His number is 336-327-2524.

Another Diesel Mechanic For the Greensboro, NC

Keep in mind the video is now a couple years old now
The number to Sonny is (336) 379 - 8227

Driver Recommended Mechanic Top

Sonny is good people with scores of experience starting with training from his dad who was also a mechanic. I've left my truck with him plenty of time thinking I had bigger problems than I did. I knew little about the mechanics of the truck so he could have stuck me if he wanted to, instead more than once I returned to the shop with him giving me good news about what little he had to do to get er done. And that is why I have both of these guys on my site.

If you other professional drivers know of a diesel mechanic with the same work ethics providing that top value for your dollar let us know. Sharing this information will help everyones wallet.

Driver Recommended Companies