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Parking for trucks can be hard to come by in some places where there is a lot of truck traffic.  Ideally you will make it to a truckstop to park.  But the later you get there, the less likely there will be parking spaces left.  Sometimes this can be avoided by planning ahead in order to arrive early or targeting your stop for a less popular location. 

Sometimes it can't be avoided at all.

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  • Parking at Walmart
  • Parking on the Ramp
  • Finding Somewhere to Park at Home
  • Tips About Parking
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Parking at the Shipper or Receiver

Sometimes it is beneficial to park at the shipper or receiver.  It can really help on your elogs if you are there on the property and don't have to drive in the morning.  Especially if you can park at the dock.  You might want to call in advance to see if you can park there and if so can you park at the dock door. 

Some strategies that I used for truck parking and other ideas are listed below the video.  Remember instructions from your dispatcher or trucking company takes precedence over anything you get from this website, lol.

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Parking

Truck Parking Tips

  • Get a truck stop directory
  • Leave early
  • Plan Ahead
  • Target your stop for a less congested area
  • Ask the shipper or receiver where the closest safe truck parking is
  • Ask other drivers if they know of other parking for trucks
  • Ask permission from business owners
  • Ask the local authorities is there truck parking
  • When you park in a car parking lot, make sure you are positioned in a way that you can not be blocked in or can't get turned around once cars are in the parking lot.

Parking The Truck At Home

Parking for trucks at home can be an issue for some drivers.  In many cases you can park your trailer at the nearest grocery store, strip mall or shopping center.  Ask the manager for permission and in many cases, unless they have already had bad experiences with a non appreciative driver will say yes.  So if he/she says yes don't abuse it.  Ask where to park and DO NOT throw your trash out.

Sometimes you might have to leave the tractor and trailer there if have no parking for the tractor at your home/apartment.  Other times you can just leave the trailer and drive the tractor to your residence.

Parking Over The Road

Parking over the road can get tricky.  Sometimes you end up at a shipper too late to deliver or with no time to run after getting delivered. Or you might end up in similar circumstances.

If there was no sign at the company saying no parking and I could park out of the way of employees, I often times parked right there at the gate or in the business parking lot.

The best thing to do is ask the people at the company where the closest truck parking.  They usually know.  Other times of course it's after hours and no one is there.  Find a local Walmart, Grocery Store, Hardware Store etc.  Go to the back and ask if you can park there or if they know where there is truck parking. 

There might also be another driver there whom you can ask about truck parking. 

Emergency Parking When Tired

It never decide you want to make it 50 more miles to get out of the city so you won't have to deal with run hour in the morning.  By the time you get the next truck stop out of town, you are exhausted and you can't wait to get parked.

You go over the truck stop only to find out that there are no spaces.  Everyone must of had the same idea.  You saw a truck parked on the ramp on the way and you go to do the same thing at the get on ramp.

You get there to find a sign that says no parking on the ramp.  What do you do?  Well, you will see many trucks parked at these signs.  Sometimes they get wakened up and told to move, sometimes they get ticketed and sometimes they are not bothered.

So when I pulled in  a truck stop and find there are no spaces, the first thing I did was pull back around to the fuel isle up from the pump. NOT AT THE PUMP.  Go inside and ask the workers where another truck stop is.  Also, ask if there is somewhere you can park because there are no spaces.  You will be surprised how often they will create/find a space that you can park over night.

(Keep in mind though, if you get hit, it might come back that you were not in a authorized parking spot if you don't park in a good location, which means you will be at fault in some cases)

Even if you have to leave the truck stop this will help you wake up enough to get to the next truck parking area.  Especially if you do a few pushups or jumping jacks before getting back in the truck.

Parking at Walmart

I have seen several videos of people saying they can't park at Walmart.  I have never been to a Walmart that I couldn't park at to shop or stay over night.  I have seen signs.

The no entry here or no trucks signs are usually to let trucks know that is not the delivery entrance.  Go in at delivery truck entrance and park out of the way and outside of the firelane marking.

Other times they don't want truck coming in the main parking lot.  Just go around to the delivery entrance.  You might get in and see a sign that says no truck parking in the parking lot.  Go in and ask the manager if it is OK.

If you want to park overnight, let them know that you will be shopping and afterwards you want to stay over night.  I have never been told no.

DO NOT throw your trash, buts, piss jugs on the ground where you park.


Can I park on the ramp?

More and more states are enforcing no parking on the ramp.  If you are unsure about parking on the ramp in a specific area, I would call the Highway Patrol and/or DOT and ask is it authorized for trucks to park on the ramp and get his/her name.

In addition to authorities to keep in mind that some ramps could be dangerous because there is limited view from others late night.

Also, your company may have policy about trucks parking on the ramp.

Can I park on the street in front of my house?

Check with your city ordinance.  Also you need to be sure that there is clearance from wires, tree limbs, curbs and cars parked.

Also, you company policy might have instructions.

What if there is no where for me to park the truck at home?

Ask permission at your nearest department store, vacant lot owner, strip mall, etc.

Check your company policy.

Is parking at places other than truck stops safe?

You have to use common sense and be observant.  If it is a secluded place with no traffic obviously it's riskier.  If it is in an areas of high traffic 24 hours is more safe.  There are no guarantees even in a truck stop.  However, I have parked in all types of places with out incident over a 13 year period.

Is parking at the truck stop safe?

No place is 100% safe.  However, the truck stop is the next safest place to park after most trucking company own terminals.  Incidents happen but not as often as you might think based on reading a few stories that might be publicized.  Remember that media presents things in a dramatic fashion in order to maintain your interest. 

(They might report a true story but present it in a way that causes you to believe it happens every day at all truck stops or something...same as with may other types of stories)

What's the best way to avoid truck parking problems?

Get a truck stop directory. Plan out your trip.  Leave early.

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