The Bad Big Truck Driver

The bad big truck driver wishes he or she was doing something else, somewhere else. They despise the trucking life. They didn't know what to expect before becoming a trucker.

They place strains on the industry continuously. These guys are the reasons dispatchers feel that all drivers need to be told to be there at 6am when we really don't need to be there until 8am.

Bad truck drivers are irresponsible and undependable.

They create most of the other bad elements of industry because of their attitude and character traits. The bad big truck driver is rude to customers, police officers, dispatchers, brokers (and probably their friends and family too, lol). They think the world owes them something and their primary concern in life is themselves. Trucking did not create these people. They exist scattered all through society doing other jobs other jobs as well. (You've seen them, have you not?)

The bad truck driver will follow you too close to try and make you speed up or because you pulled over in front of him to quickly. He thinks nothing of driving in severe weather just as if it's a normal day.

He/she thinks authority has a vendetta to seek drives out and punish them (probably because they are guilty of so much). These are the truckers (or neighbors of yours) that you hear complaining about getting a speeding ticket going 15 over the limit and blaming the police for stopping them, saying the police should be doing something else.

They will block intersections at red lights, drive without headlights on in rain, and change lanes without signaling. Sometimes they will signal but what good is it to use the turn signal when you already braked and slowed down? (Apparently the need more defensive driving tips) These guys think they are a one man show. They think the company needs them specifically, which means in their minds, they deserve to operate on their own schedule.

Note: Please know that neither party of a trucking operation is more important than the other. If you are at a company where all parties, dispatcher, company, etc... understand that, it will be a lovely experience and everyone wins. If the dispatcher or the driver thinks they are above the team, everyone suffers from it.

This means relationship building/nurturing is part of the job. (at work and if you are married at home to) (Like I told you before, the ability to build relationships will always be a value in your life, no matter what you do. The sooner people realize that the better off they will be., back to my topic . . . )

Bad truck drivers are the biggest reason that your merchandise wasn't in when the people at the store told you it would be in. (And you thought the people at the store had something against you! lol)

The bad truck driver doesn't take care of the equipment they operate because it is not theirs. They cost the company unnecessary expenses then they complain about not getting paid more. (Imagine that)

Bad truck drivers have nasty attitudes because they see life with too many dead end roads. They see too many obstacles they feel they will never conquer because they will never attempt.

They are stuck at a job they don't like but can't leave.

Why you say?

Because the bad truck driver gets log book violations and speeding tickets too frequently and the good trucking companys don't want him/her.

Eventually the bad trucker will give in or give up whichever is easier and most convenient then you will see him or her talking negative about trucking, companies and even his own fellow truckers because we don't stick together, lol.

Immediate gratification and self serving thoughts are their most common thoughts. The disadvantages of trucking eats them alive one reason is because they don't know the power of planning ahead or don't have the discipline to do it. They don't know what to do about it and won't listen to your suggestions out of genuine concern.

Bad truck drivers know it all and know nothing. Until they decide to change (Which they can if they really want to. I hope they do it before they ruin their lives), they will be just another rotten apple in the barrel draining the industry. A bad truck driver.

If you become a truck driver, make sure you become a good big truck driver!

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