CB Slang and Trucker Terms

CB Slang and CB Talk really took off when trucking themed movies became popular.  Trucker lingo spilled over into music and even everyday life for a while.  Trucker Terms further down the page.

These days there is a lot of CB Talk going on but not nearly as much usage of the lingo.  CB Slang seems to have tapered off a little.  But it is still helpful to become familiar with some of the CB Slang and Terms that are used to for the following benefits....

  • Get Quick Directions
  • Learn/Alert of Traffic Hazards
  • Discover Alternate Routes
  • Find a Shipper or Receiver
  • Bear Warnings
  • Entertainment
  • Communicate with vendors

I have an entertaining CB talk CD for sale with an hour of Truckers Talking on the CB if you are interested.  Truckers Talking on CB Radio CD

Some of the most popular CB Radio Slang

Meat Wagon - Ambulance  "Meat wagon rolling South at the 22"

Smokey Bear - Officer of the Law "Smokey bear rolling North at he 50"

at the 50 means 50 mile marker.  Could be any mile marker number.

10-20:   Where are you located   "What's your 20"

Pickle Park: Rest Area  "Smokey bear in the Pickle Park"

On Your Donkey - On your bumber "You got a meat wagon on your donkey"

City Kitty -  Police "City Kitty up there taking your picture"

10-4 - Affirmative "Yeah 10-4"

Taking your picture - Shooting Radar  "They are taking your picture up at the 240 mile marker"

Driving Award - Speeding ticket "You are going to get a driving award driving like that"

CB Rambo - Clown on the radio talking big usually starting drama with any and every body.  "Looks like we got a CB Rambo in the parking lot tonight"

Video of Real CB Talking

You will here a driver asking for local information in Houston Tx.  This is a call for someone local to the area that can help someone find something.

I answer but I only know how to help because I am in the vicinity and have seen what is troubling him.

Newbie's, this is exactly how you get on the CB and ask for local information for where you are trying to get to.

 Sometimes drivers are around who can tell you find what you are looking for better than the directions or GPS once you get near what you are looking for. 

Of course, it can also be very entertaining!  lol

Especially if street signs are missing or there has been a change or detour.  Notice how little CB Slang is used.  So don't think you have to study this stuff in order to talk or for the CB to be useful.  Just familiarize yourself with the key words and you will pick it all the other important CB Slang easily.

Truckers Talking on the CB

The CB can help you with all types of situations.  Still you see that the CB Slang or Lingo is not as important as just saying what you need to say.

In this video you can see just how practical and useful the CB can be as a tool for communication.

Common Trucker Terms

Trucker Terms are used by all people in the trucking industry.  They are useful for effective communication with shippers, receivers, dispatchers and other drivers.  They are not just for CB usage.

Bill of Laden - This is the paperwork given for a load that has the weight, count and description of the materials hauled.

Freight Brokering - Finding loads for carriers or owner operators.  Usually but not always done by a 3rd party.  Also could be done in house.

Load boards - These are electronic board that loads are posted to.  Sometimes posted by carriers, shippers or the broker.

DAC Report - The documentation that contains information posted by a company that you have worked for.  Sometimes there is erroneous or exxagerated information.

Drop and Hook This means dropping the trailer in a parking spot so that you can go and hook up to another trail (example drop loaded one to go pick up an empty one on the yard so that I can pick up another load)

Sleeper - The space that you see behind a trucker is his sleeping quarters. Back there at minimum is his bed. 

Weigh Station - Is the Department of Transportation way of checking to make sure you are not in violation of weight laws.  You might also get inspected further.  These are normally located as a pull off of interstates and state routes.

CB Slang for Cities and Towns

Long List of CB Slang

Article on Trucker Slang

Advantages of Becoming a Trucker

Trucker videos
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