DAT Load Board Training

How i set up and use the load board

Load boards are databases where shippers and brokers post freight. O/O and Trucking companies can post availability of trucks.

Some of these are hot loads they couldn't get covered and some will be just high volume freight that they know will get hauled at a good rate for one reason or another.

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There are many reasons that these loads are posted to a load board. Most company drivers will not have to deal with a load board. For new owner operators using a load board may be a little intimidating.

You will hear stories about the cheap freight and also brokers going out of business and not paying drivers at all. As explained later, loadboards are useful tools to keep you moving and they are here to stay.

Here are a few tips to help you feel more comfortable about using them. 

Here Are Some Tips for Using Loadboards

  • Pay attention to pay of similar freight in the area going to the same destination area.  
  • Lock at the 15 or 30 day average.
  • Get references from other drivers about load boards
  • Always try to negotiate a better rate than what's posted
  • Notice what areas of the country pay high and low and when
  • Do a search on the brokers or company posting the load

Which Load Board Is Better?

Most load boards will have some type of membership fee to use them. Talk to drivers and get feed back about the level of satisfaction they have with the load board that they use.

I have heard many drivers speak well of Internet Truckstop, Get Loaded, and DAT.  I use DAT ONE and that works pretty well.  That's what you see in the video.

Uship is relatively new type of load board that is gaining a lot of traction too.  The freight is most often too cheap to haul.  Unless you get lucky.

If you want to ship something use Uship. lol.

  • traffic and weather in route to destination of load available back haul loads
  • credibility or credit rating of company posting
  • routing of the load
  • ability to post the truck
  • ability to post the freight

Many options to choose from At the end of the day.  You see that there are many options to choose from in order to find freight. Some drivers think anyone in the middle man position between shipper and hauler is a crook.

Reality is, the legitimate freight broker and legitimate load boards are important necessities to the trucking industry that will be here to stay for many reasons.

Some companies outsource freight brokering because logistics is either a minor nuisance or too complex part of their operation. Some companies find it cheaper to have this outsourced rather than hire and train new people. Also there will always be companies that are in growth limbo or transition where outsourcing is perfect even if temporary. You are going to have load boards and freight brokers.

What Good Load Boards Have You Used? If you have questions about load boards or you have used a good load board post the comment or question below.

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