What Is the DAC Report

D.A.C. stands for Drive-a-Check. The DAC Report is an employment history file that can contain information that describes your driving work history. Including but not limited to,

  • why you left a company
  • whether you are eligible for rehire
  • drug and alcohol history
  • your past incidents or accidents
I may contain other negative information placed there by a former employer. You are eligible for a free DAC report once every 12 months. This system responds automatically to employer's inquires about you but it also allows you to check on your own record. If there is something wrong you can make a formal dispute.
How to Get a Copy of Dac Report

How do I get a copy of my DAC Report?

You are entitled to one free copy of your DAC Report per year. You will need a copy no older that 60days in order to dispute any false information on your report.

Get a free copy of your DAC Report Here

How to correct bad info on my DAC Report?

To correct bad information on your DAC you file a dispute on inaccurate information. This will require you to have ordered a report within 60 days prior to disputing anything.

This is how you correct bad information on your DAC Report

Contact Information For DAC (Trucking)

HireRight Customer Service
Telephone: (800) 381-0645 (Monday-Friday, 7am to 7pm Central Time)
Fax: (918) 664-5520

Attn: Consumers Department
14002 E. 21st Street, Suite 1200
Tulsa, OK 74134

Should you get a copy of your DAC Report?

We all should get a copy of our DAC every year. Kind of like your credit report. This way you are aware of what is placed on your record.

If you have a problem with the people at your company, it is nothing for them to put information on there just to get back at you. If there is inaccurate information you can challenge it, I think they have 30 days to respond. If you have minor incidents like tagging a fence or scrapping a pole beside the dock and scratching the paint off can be put on your DAC report if you report it. It's always good to have a few hundred dollars on you if possible until you get experienced.

If a shipper or receiver wants to make a big deal about something insignificant just ask him or her can you pay out of pocket, that's usually all they want anyway, unless of course you've been there being arguing with the shipper or receiver, guess what, you just made his day by having an incident. (See how your attitude can very easily come into play.)

It's very easy for incidents to occur especially when you first start, so please check, check, check your surroundings, don't worry about looking like a newbie. We are talking about your record.

And always assume that people will act lick pricks and let that guide your actions.

ex. A few years ago, I missed a turn and the street I went down to get back was not a good choice. Anyway, I didn't have too many options of where to make a turn so finally I just took one. I couldn't make it without hitting the corner of a man's yard. This of course left a track, which was noticeable because it had rained. I know I never would have bothered anyone if it was my yard especially know that a trucker who probably didn't have much other alternatives. It didn't do damage I mean other than a barely visible track across the grass.

The guy came running out the house flagging me down, yelling and screaming about the yard. He was saying I tore up his yard and was trying to get away. I laughed at first cause I really thought he was an extreme jokester. This guy was serious and he wanted to call the company and everything.

I was as polite and apologetic as possible and called the company for him. Of course he proceeded to tell the company that tore up his yard and his wife just spent $2,000 working on the yard. Well, I should have stopped cause it would have satisfied his little weird way of thinking probably, I think he felt that I called myself trying to get away when I just didn't feel that any sane person would even trip on what had been done. I mean, it was barely noticeable. So always assume the worst and talk to the people where the incident occurred. (Especially private, if it had been a commercial object like some stair rails that you see other drivers has torn down and you happen to add a scratch to what's already there, I don't think that would matter or deserve making big deal out of, you'll just have to judge)

Anyway, While he was talking on the phone I was filming the yard, the truck, the intersection, him LOL. He talked to them forever, saying I had no business driving a truck on and on and on.

I really don't even know if its on my DAC but I never heard another word about it. My company didn't trip on stuff but it could be on the DAC I don't know. (I should know though.)

Companies that help with DAC Report Corrections

One company that does a very thorough check of your history is DOTJobHistory. If you have a lot of stuff on your DAC and you want to add your own version of incidents. This is kind of a cool service because you will have continuous access to your file and companies evidently are aware and do business with these people just like the DAC.

The guy who started this company used to work for DAC,he left to start DOTJobHistory. Of course there is a fee, but if companies actually do honor them the way they say they do, it would be worth the $39 per year for access. If anyone has used it let us know how it works out. Another company that I saw who provides services for fixing DAC reports was www.Dacfix.com I never used them either but if they provide the service they claim, it's a good resource. Let us know if have used them. They are more expensive it seems than the first group.

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