Free loadboard for owner operators

by Winfield
(Dallas Texas USA)

I wanted to thank you for putting this site up. Lots of great info. I own a website We have recently launched a new product for truckers. Fuel efficient routing.

We figured out how to run a route and find the most efficient way by going down hill more then up hill.

We are one of the most useful free load boards also with super fast searches. Best part is we don't ask anyone to sign in accept to post.

Let your owner ops know there is a quick easy board out there for finding backhauls when you are in a jam. The more you use technology like the more the price will drop on technology around the industry.

I think that owner operators should have an easy way to set up shipments and tendor them to friends and partners. If a customer asks you to cover something and your truck is tied up but your friend is around you can dispatch it to them and still bill the customer.

We offer free dispatch software that can do exactly this. And it is totally free so doesn't matter if you use it once a year. Also it will manage basics of billing and paperwork so you can easily run your trucking business.

Trulos also has a state-state mileage calculator that is totally free also. If you ever forget to log iIFTA miles then jump on and run a quick search and you will be sorted out in a hurry.

Another sweet tool for owner operators is out freight forecasting. Set up like a weather map you can see the eye of the storm and negotiate better rates in that area. Knowing this info takes literally a few seconds to potentially make hundreds more on a load.

Partial freight is one way to earn thousands more. Quickly search for partial truck loads in 30 seconds. We have a map search that allows trucks to see partial freight in a few clicks and make a decision to make a call or keep on trucking.

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