Easy trucking recipes for me are cans of beans with garlic, vinegar and hot sauce, tuna with garlic, fiber cereal one cereal with cinnamon but I know most people would laugh or vomit thinking of that as their meals. Even I stray from that healthy model from time to time with other food.

Jennifer was so kind as to share some easy recipes that she prepares for Keith.

Feel free to share your easy recipes too at the bottom and check out Jennifer's e-book she is working on with more recipes. If yours is good enough she may include it in the easy recipes e-book with your permission.

Easy Trucking Recipes

With many requests, we have finally done it!

Welcome to the Recipe Page ;)

The intention of this page is for all of us to share our recipes! What do you send on the road with your driver? Or what do you as the driver make before hitting the road?

Most all of the recipes are going to require an oven or microwave, and a way to keep it cool. For My Husband and I, we use a cooler. I Freeze G2, and it lasts almost all week. He usually only needs to buy 2 bags of ice a week. If you have a fridge (or more importantly, somewhere to put it, that is perfect as well)

Please submit your recipes below. We will all be able to try them, rate them, and post comments on them.

I have many idea’s myself, and look forward to hearing back from everyone.

Tell us, how did the recipes keep? How well did you like it? Could it use anything else?

Formats for Recipes should be as follows (example and edible one at that)

Ingredients; 1-16 pk of shredded cheddar or mex mix
2-10 pk’s of chimychonga burrito’s
2-10 ounce cans of beanless chili (or the equivalent amounts of home made chili)

Other things needed:
Aluminum Foil
Freezer Baggies

Cooking time:
Not necessary, as this will be cooked in mini oven on the road.

Cut 20 -5 inch length pieces of aluminum foil (enough to cover the burrito, cheese, and chili), place 1 chimychonga burrito in each piece. Spread 4 generous tablespoons of chili onto each burrito, then spread a nice layer of shredded cheese on top of burrito.

Wrap burrito mixture in foil, place in freezer baggies, and refreeze.

Heat in oven until hot- about 45 minutes, depends on oven.

Servings = 10-20

Burrito’s = 5.00
Cheese 4.50
Total: 16.00

Cost per meal = 1.60

Please remember to include all this information. This gives us all a great idea on how to save money while on the road.

I do hope you enjoy this page, as that is what it is meant for. Have fun ;)

Jennifer S

Have a Easy Recipe to Share?

Tell us all about your recipe. In fact you can upload yourself preparing a dish from one the recipes to youtube and embed it in the submission as well.

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Red Wine Vinegarette Chicken 
1 package of boneless chicken breast (preferably one with the less fat) 2 bottles of red wine Vinegarette ( or other Vinegarette dressing from the …

italian pasta salad 
My fiance is a trucker and was sick of sandwiches so I started sending pasta salads with him they hold up well in the refrigerator so I always make a lot …

what is g2?  
What is g2? baute.mike@gmail.com

Slow cooker Ham steak with asparagus and potato 
Take a potato (white or sweet potato) and wash then put into slow cooker ( no need to poke) and put on low for 2 hrs....then simply put the ham steak on …

Fresh Veggie Pasta Salad 
Fresh Veggie Pasta Salad 1 - 16 oz bag of rainbow garden rotini (boiled till done, drained and cooled) 2 large tomoatos 1 red bell pepper 1 yellow …

Burritos: Nutritious Breakfast for a Busy Trucker  
Burritos are ideal as the main food on the road. Why? You can eat it with one hand. Moreover, you can add many nutritious items inside and eat them all …

Pot Roast in a Slow Cooker 
1 pound roast some potatoes, onions, carrots, and whatever you like with your roast. 1 pkg of roast seasoning or season as you like Put all of this …

hobo meal trucker food/ 
take some aluminum foil and add meat , potatoes corn and spices Louisiana hot sauce is good. and some a1 wrap and put in the oven till done. its good.

Mexican Rattle on the road 
Rattle snake soup: I live Mexico, u get free dinner if u find on trip. Or u walk in desert 1 mile and u find snake. use stick to grad head. Open …

Mini Pizzas 
My trucker is addicted to pizza so while in the truck with him I would make him mini pizzas. All you need is a jar of pizza or even spaghetti sauce. …

chiken,salsa,chips,sour cream 
(Not for if ur on a diet!!!) Ingredients small bakeing pane(Ull know it when u see it) Toaster oven 1 Can of salsa(paso recommended) Chicken(toast …

veggie potatoes 
We originally used this with our sons on scout campouts. Take one package of instant butter flavor mashed potatoes 1 can corn (undrained) 1 can green …

pigs in a poke 
This is an old time kids favorite, it works wonderful for on the road. Need: 2 packs of hot dogs 4 packs of the small value busuits 6 slices of cheddar …

Cheesy Eggs, Potato's and Sausage.  
Ingredients 12 large eggs 1 roll sausage 4 large potato's. 2 tablespoons of oil 1 8oz pack of shredded cheddar cheese small amount of water …

Jeff's Crabby Pattie Salad Not rated yet
My Recipe was inspired by an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. This Recipe is great for anyone sporting the Paleo diet or just looking to eat more …

Jeff's Famous Stir Fry and Taters Not rated yet
This meal is delicious and none of the ingredients need refrigeration except the stir fry sauce which is optional. All you need to cook it is microwavable …

Meat N Tater Home meal Peterbilt style Not rated yet
Well me and my husband are OTR truckers and we are on the road all but a few days a month. So as you know it is expensive for us to eat out. We have a …

Freezer Pork Sausage Chili for 1 Not rated yet
I realized that cooking in bulk is going to lead to boredom so I tried finding things that could be cooked quickly in the truck, not make a mess and not …

Freezer Meals - BBQ Beef Pita Pocket Not rated yet
Ingredients: 1-lb Ground Beef 1 12 oz Kraft Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce 2 Whole Wheat Pita Pockets Cut in half 1/2 tbs Onion Powder Other things needed: …

Heart Healer Not rated yet
Fresh fruits and vegetables, you need to eat right, especially while your on the road due to the lack of exercise. Buy a crap load of fruit and veggies, …

Egg My Driver ;) Not rated yet
This one is very easy to make, very filling, and very easy to reheat. INGREDIENTS: 3 cans of Pillsbury Grand Biscuits 1 roll of sausage (this …

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