Jeff's Crabby Pattie Salad

by Jeffrey Lillie
(Lodi, Ohio)

My Recipe was inspired by an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

This Recipe is great for anyone sporting the Paleo diet or just looking to eat more healthy.
Here is what you will need for your Crabby Pattie salad.

1. A George Forman or mini grill

2. Fresh quality burger patties

3. Crab or Lobster meat

4. A head of lettuce and some fresh tomatoes

5. And any other preferred salad ingredients

Once all ingredients are acquired cook your patties and mix your salad. Once the patties are done cooking break them up and add them to your salad and Mabey squirt on some lime for a little zest. Bon apetite! Your salad is now ready for consumption.

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