Mini Pizzas

by ashley

My trucker is addicted to pizza so while in the truck with him I would make him mini pizzas.

All you need is a jar of pizza or even spaghetti sauce.

I used pepperonis and mushrooms too because they were easy to seal and put in the cooler. but to each their own.
A loaf of bread.
A pack of cheese. (any kind)

You simply put the toppings on as desired and cook for about 15 to 20 minutes.
(we had a little oven we bought from Pilot it looks like a toaster over and has a handle on top.)

It's actually pretty healthy because they are getting -their veggies (sauce and some toppings)
-their meat (peperoni)
-dairy (cheese)
-and of course bread.

I would consider two(2) mini pizzas a serving
around $6.00 for 10 to 12 servings.

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Aug 07, 2012
mini pizza
by: Anonymous

You should try english muffins for the crust it is awesome!! more like real pizza crust.

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