Freezer Pork Sausage Chili for 1

by Janet H
(Anderson, IN)

I realized that cooking in bulk is going to lead to boredom so I tried finding things that could be cooked quickly in the truck, not make a mess and not lead to boredom eating on the road and then drive him into the truckstop or even worse..... FASTFOOD!!!

Ingredients :
1/4 lb Pork Sausage from the meat counter
1 12oz can of medium starter chili beans
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp BBQ Sauce

Other things needed: reusable container

Home Prep - 10 minutes - Brown sausage and drain. Add rest of ingredients till warm. Put in container and freeze. If you have a divided container you can throw in a jiffy cornbread muffin or two or crackers freeze well, too but do not heat them.

Truck prep - 1 min > microwave with lid off. If heating cornbread wrap it in paper towel and only for 10 seconds.

Servings = 1

Pork Sausage - 1.00>
Beans - 1.00
Brown sugar - .10>
BBQ = .10>
Total: 2.20 (and makes more than a large Wendy's chili)

Cost per meal = 2.20>

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