How To Loose Belly Fat

It's good you're interested in knowing how to loose belly fat and your love handles. It's not easy to loose but it is easy to add to it.

You hear me mention belly fat because studies have shown that having excess fat around your waist will dramatically increase the chances of a person having heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers and potentially other health issues.  (Actually it is an indicator, that means your situation is such that you are at higher risks for those things.  If you lower the belly fat, it means you have also improved your health state.)

People have been trying to figure out how to loose belly fat and its really not rocket science once you do a little reading.

One tip to understand is it takes eating the right diet. There are certain foods that will assist you in loosing the fat by keeping your metabolism higher and helping you burning calories. Of course you know that certain exercises will also make the world of difference. Most people first think sit ups. Wrong answer.

Want a shortcut to loosing belly fat and love handles?

There are no shortcuts to loosing belly fat! So be ready for the challenge, it's worth the rewards.But relax, it's not that hard! I went from size 42-44 to size 36-38. While in the truck as a driver!

  • Mindfulness - Activity through the day, planning in advance for stops
  • Eating reasonably - killing the junk food (breads, soda, fat-free foods)
  • Doing 15 minutes of exercise - Early morning before getting up

Steps To Trimming Your Waist

Step 1

Make up your mind that you are ready to make some positive changes in your health and appearance. Listen to motivation speaking to help you continue your positive thought process through your journey to a better quality of life because it will take discipline and dedication.

Step 2

Use the common sense and eat properly. (were you looking for magic?) Also make sure to consume these foods and spices which will help you.

Berries, Almonds, Oatmeal, Beans, Grains, Fish, eggs, dark green leafy veggies, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper and Ginger (Sound a lot like what I already been telling you right?)

Step 3. Exercise! You need cardio and weight training.

Do something physical! You don't have to do weight training in the gym to get good exercise. Any type of physical activity done long enough to raise your heart rate for extended periods of time even as little as 20 min can greatly improve your health and help you shed some unwanted mass with a good diet.

Of course you will need to focus on the core body as well. (Back pain is commonly a result of weak core muscles.) Cardio and circuit type training for a heart health is underrated by general public but for reducing belly fat is overrated by the fitness gurus. You should get in cardio and weight training.

Most people assume sit ups are best. They aren't. They are ok. Do them while in the bunk no on hard surfaces. A better workout is crunches and leg lifts. Switch between a few different routines.

Time to get serious.

Be intentional. Don't you want a healthier body?

Get up just 20 minutes earlier in the morning and do sit ups or crunches until you can't. Then lay on your side do leg lifts 20 of them if you can . If you can't do 20 then do as many as you can. Flip over and do the same thing on your other side.

Now start over with the sit ups again. Then both sides. Go ahead and crank them out. Stop playing this is your health we are talking about, plus your self esteem, plus the money in your pocket instead of having to go to the doctor unless some changes are made.

Obesity, lack of exercise and poor eating habits causes a majority of illnesses among Americans. This is all preventable. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Exercise and good eating habits is the biggest gift you can give yourself and your family. Its priceless.

If you do this in 3 weeks I promise you will be able to tell a difference. Make yourself do better for 3 weeks whether you feel like doing it or not. Make the commitment.

Once you see results, you will get highly motivated and it will be easier to keep up and even do more if you want to, which I am sure you probably will. It's an adrenaline rush to see yourself gradually improving. Plus the positive benefits makes trucking life a lot easier.

Now you are on your way to happier days.

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Exercise the core

Trucker exercising

Perfect example of being mindful and making smart choices.  A lot of drivers refuse to load or unload their truck.

That is a perfect opportunity to get exercise.  Plus you get paid a little bit for doing it.  Stop being lazy!  And improve your health at the same time.

Driver unloading