Egg My Driver ;)

by Jennifer S
(Butler Pa)

This one is very easy to make, very filling, and very easy to reheat.


3 cans of Pillsbury Grand Biscuits

1 roll of sausage (this can be substituted for Canadian bacon, ham, or even bacon-its good with no meat as well)

1 dozen eggs

24 slices of cheese (we use American, but cheddar, Swiss- anything that you driver likes)

salt and pepper to taste

Other needs:

Oven preset at 425 degrees


Bake biscuits according to directions. Fry meat until cooked thoroughly, fry egg's; breaking the center.

After eggs are cooked (well done) add a slice of cheese to each egg

Cut the egg in half

Place the egg on a biscuit, add the meat of your choice

Place each biscuit on foil, wrap, then place in a freezer baggie

Freeze for at least 48 hours before sending on the road.

Place 2 of the biscuits in the portable oven, and heat approximately 1/2 an hour- may vary with oven.

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