Meat N Tater Home meal Peterbilt style

by Laura Bunch
(Crane Missouri)

Well me and my husband are OTR truckers and we are on the road all but a few days a month. So as you know it is expensive for us to eat out. We have a frige and electric skillet and could use Microwave and other small appliances.

My husband is a Meat and Tater man. So I make fried taters and onions in the electric skillet. And he purchases a half calf and pig and goes to the butcher and gets the freezer full of tons of meat.

For a week I bring about 2 packs of pork chops, pork steaks and ground beef, sausage, bacon, eggs, onions, taters.. etc. I cook pasta ahead of time and freeze it in freezer bags and use it with cut up chicken and sauces even spaghetti.. i also make all kinds of snacks, even tuna ahead of time.

I have hard boiled eggs and biscuits made too. i have made a crock pot of beans and ham and froz and put in freezer bags so it lays flat.. and bring that... it works great, I cook breakfast most every morning, and we have sandwiches and chips for lunch, then i cook a home cooked hot wonderful meal every evening.

I also found that it is quick and easy cleanup. especially at the truck stops and our lil tea cup chihuahua "Semi" gets the bones and she is happy.

I have quite a few recipes and am trying to figure the amounts as I kinda throw things together when i cook.. but i have a couple Ill post.. thanks for readin

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