Jeff's Famous Stir Fry and Taters

by Jeffrey Lillie
(Lodi, Ohio, USA)

This meal is delicious and none of the ingredients need refrigeration except the stir fry sauce which is optional. All you need to cook it is microwavable bowls any kind of silverware paper plates/bowls a can opener and a microwave. All the ingredients listed are available at Walmart which is where we shop. Here's the ingredients you are going to need.

1. Great value instant white rice

2. Great value fully cooked roast beef in a can

3. Mixed veggies in a can

4. Your favorite stir fry sauce. Which is optional if you like it without sauce

5. Any of those taters in a box that you just add water and heat up.

6. And a bag big enough to put everything in. But this is optional because if you already have a microwave in your truck then you wont need a bag to carry this stuff to the truck stop microwave.

The brands listed are brands that are budget friendly and have good expiration dates we know these brands work well. If you know any other brands that work please give it a try. But we highly recommend only using what you know works well and tastes good as we want you to enjoy your food and not waste money.

First put as much rice as you want in a bowl then put water in the rice just enough so the rice is floating but still has a thickness about it. Then cook until all the water has been absorbed.

While the rice is cooking get your can of meat and the can opener and start opening it. Do this over the sink as this can be juicy and messy. Just before the top is about to come off stop using the can opener and
press down on the lid tip it over above the sink to empty out the liquid. A good idea for rinsing the meat is to turn the sink on and let water pour on top of the lid. The water will fill the can and once its full press on the lid like before and tip the can over the sink so all the water comes out. Continue this process until satisfied. please be careful with the lid as it may be sharp

Halfway through cooking the rice add the meat and put it back in to the microwave. This will make your meat warm and tender and give the rice some meat flavor.

While thats finishing up get your can of veggies and repeat the same processes of opening and rinsing that you used with the can of meat. When finished get another bowl and add the veggies. Once your rice and meat is done pull it out and allow to cool a little as it will be hot and steamy. Do not put rice and meat back in with veggies as this may over cook the rice. Just place your veggies in the microwave to heat up. Once finished heating up the veggies dump them in with your meat and rice and stir till well mixed. Your stir fry is ready.

And if you want you can rinse the veggie bowl and repurpose for cooking your taters. Dump in your taters add water and microwave until they are done.

Unless you have a microwave in your truck be careful on your way back as you dont want to spill anything. Once your back to the truck grab a plate and put your stir fry and potatoes on it. Add your favorite stir fry sauce and Enjoy!

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