Cheesy Eggs, Potato's and Sausage.

by Jennifer S
(Butler Pa)


12 large eggs

1 roll sausage

4 large potato's.

2 tablespoons of oil

1 8oz pack of shredded cheddar cheese

small amount of water

pinch of baking soda

pinch of salt, and pepper (to taste)

1 large green pepper, 1 large red pepper, 1 small onion.

20 Tortilla Shells (Soft)


Boil 4 large potato's until just about done. Allow potatoes to cool completely, then cut them into 1x1 square cubes.

In a large frying pan, fry peppers and onion. After fried, add potatoes. Fry potatoes until golden brown.

In another large skillet, crumble sausage and fry until completely cooked.

Add sausage to cooked potatoes. Strain and set aside in Large bowl, and allow to completely cool

Mix in Large bowl, eggs, salt, pepper, pinch of baking soda (this helps the eggs become fluffy) adding about 1/8 cup of water.

Fry egg mixture, and fry to make "scrambled eggs"

after eggs are completely cooked, allow to cool. Then add to the potato and pepper mix.

Add (after all of these have cooled) the 8 ounce package of cheese, mix all together.

Wrap about 1 cup of mixture into the soften tortilla shells (this is easily done by putting the shells in the microwave with a damp paper towel on top of the shells for 1-2 minutes)

Once you have them wrapped, wrap each egg/shell in foil.

Then place them into a baggie and freeze for at least 48 hours.


Peppers 2.00
Eggs 1.00
Sausage 4.00
Cheese 2.00
Potatoes 1.00
Shells 3.00

.65 cents per wrap.

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Dec 20, 2009
Saturday Morning Breakfast Feast
by: The Crazy Trucker

Sounds like a great way to wake on a Saturday morning after a weeks worth of Fiber One cereal and pears!


(Better be glad your not my neighbor!)

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