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Which pain meds. are a trucker allowed to be prescribed to?

I know a few like methadone & morphine but is there any more.

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May 15, 2016
Experiance as a Tow Driver looking to start Transporting Cars.
by: Anonymous

In all honesty, I fudge my tests as often as possible using a clean persons urine, or I'll carry the synthetic urine. The key is the get it into the room, human pee & synthetic. Make sure you pack enough that may be requested and MOST Impt. Make sure the Temp is between 97f - 100f MAX. My reasons are simple & honest. I use LIGHT amounts of marijuana on personal time !!! OFF DUTY but I also take a cocktail of morphiene, norco, valium, motrin, flowmax & 50+ vitamines all prescribbed by my family Dr. & have been taking these meds since 2003. I live & work in the state of Ca. & operate a 2 car light duty flatbed tow truck & am also experianced operating a wreckers too & work hand in hand with the CHP & Local Law Enforcement. I'm highly experianced. Period. I have a clean, spotless 10yr. Class-C CDL. I have worked in and around the automotive industries all my life. I've been Tow Trucking for 4yrs total now. My 1st job & 1st yr. was tough cause the pot. I eventually was fired after 3 dirty test. I remained working for car lots where pot is almost a requierment for employment but 3yrs ago. I got lucky enough to get a 2nd chance Driving & operating again. 1st test I fudged with the synthetic & passed. 2nd test I was in a non fault accident & post accident test is mandatory. Since it was a Sat. night & I had a 2 day window, I drank lots of cranberry juice & peed & peed & peed. My test came back posative for opiates. No marijuana or Valium. Just the morphine which I take daily & higher doseses that most but I have a very high tolerance. NO, MY EMPLOYER WAS NOT NOTIFIED & THE TEST TOOK 2-3 extra days for verification but my boss was given a pass. I then had a CHP Random test one day. You get 2hrs. to report or your in trouble. I had my synthetic in my truck. I warmed it up. Poured it into the specimine cup & the tester looked dead at me & asked if it was synthetic urine. He even taunted me by swearing they test for that but I didn't fold. My test came back clean in 48hrs. After that scare. I still carry the synthetic for an Emergency but will often call a clean co worker or my son whom takes no meds & has zero interest in weed then I'll give clean, human urine.

I have many reasons for these actions. I believe what I do on my time is my business #1 !!! 2nd I feel my medical problems are between myself & my Dr. and DO TAKE RESPOSIBLY UNDER THE DIRECT CARE OF A Dr. OF MEDICINE. I love what I do for work & think the laws are BS !!! I know Truck Driving & Towing & working on the Highways in general is a hazerdous occupation & I pray daily for safe trips and operate as safe as possible. The public, our employers, the DOT & CHP put their trust in us. It should also be noted that my family Dr. does D.O.T. Physicals too & tells me, so long I take as directed. him nor I am doing anything illegal. UNLESS I can't pass the marijuana. If that comes out, I'm toasted in the industry for a 1yr suspention until I can even re apply for CHP & Law Enforcement calls.

Finally, I just started working for a large Towing / Transportation Co. here in Calif. & bothced my 1st test with my sons urine. I am cutting back on the Marijuana but can not simply & will not stop taking my pain meds unless my Dr tells me I have to. This new Co. not only has Ca. #s on our rigs but D.O.T. #s too. I'm also learning how to record my log book , miles & hours etc. I really love this job. They did give me a packet & there is a section on prescription meds. I really need to read it because it may be this Cos. policy to not allow a driver to drive while on these meds.

So in a nut shell. There are several ways to work the system. You cab be honest but I believe another post stated it was Co. to Co. to decide. IDK. That's somthing you will have to decide & figure out. I do know at my last Tow Co. I did test posative once for morphiene & was given a pass. With this Co. being so large & having light duty rigs, Med Dutys & Heavys. Their policies may differ.

Good luck. I'm new to the world of Big Rig Trucking & am looking forward to getting my Class-A but do know most jobs can not release the findings so long you test for what the Dr wrote you, the amounts do not exceed what the Dr wrote you. Even he, My family Dr. does DOT Physicals. Dr. told me everything but Methadone is privlidged, Dr. Client Info.

Like I said, I'm stopping the pot slowly but really have a strong beliefe in it's responsable lagalization & ASAP !!!!! Just like Alcohol or Tobacco. I found it odd I can drive a light duty tow truck on 3 narcotic prescription medications but can't smoke a joint on MY DAY OFF !!!!! I think it's sad. My last idea would be for one of these Companies to design a marijuana that can determine if YOU ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE, and or HAVE USED IN RECENT HOURS. As for the meds. They don't effec me as they would most. It's my only option for pain treatment & 3 Drs agree. Only 1 has a problem with the doses she has to give me & is always trying to bring me to a lower dose but then my family Dr just re ups the doses.

There it is boys & girlz...... You do have options. IDK how Class-A works yet but my Dr. says Dr. / Client Privelaged Info !!! One test confirmed that in 2014 BUT I don't think that was a DOT test, but it was a post accident test. NO, I'm not a crackhead, meth addict. but bells & whistles blow during drug testing on me. Oh, & FYI, I DO NOT drink alcohol. Very seldom. A shot of Irish Cream on ice. Kaluha & half & half or MAYBE a Beer...... ONCE AGAIN , OFF DUTY & MY TIME... Good Luck & everyone be safe out there & let's all get home to our famlies.

Jan 20, 2009
Approved pain meds as a trucker
by: Hervy

I just spoke to the urgent care people (well actually I was forwarded to the emergency ward of the hospital cause urgent care was closed).


The nurse said make sure not to take any narcotics for days before the physical. Be sure to list all prescribed meds (which you'll be told)

You will be able to get Medical Card but it will be up to the company whether they will hire you or not based on your prescriptions.

If you are to take those hard meds at night prior to bed, it's one thing.

If you are supposed to take them throughout the day, that is another story. You probably will get told, "I am sorry, we can't help" (which is probably a good thing)

Hope it works out for you. Remember, trucking is not suitable for everyone's situation.

Jan 18, 2009
Approved pain meds
by: Jimmy

Me, personally, I cannot answer that question. I don't know if Hervy knows. Either the drug test site knows, or the trucking company knows, or the Feds know. I would venture a guess and say pain medication is OK, as long as it doesn't hamper your driving. Since you already take it, you would know if it makes you sleepy or high or woozey. Are you 100% alert? But remember, I'm not the final authority. Ask the doctor, he should be able to tell you. Jimmy

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