Lot Lizards In Truck Stops

Are there lot lizards in some truck stops? Of course, but relax, they're not as common as you might think. Besides, if you have to worry about whether your man/woman would mess with a lot lizard, your problem is not with the lot lizard. It is with the person you have chosen to be with.

Cheating on you might occur anytime or place there is opportunity.

Again, if it is any comfort to you, especially trucker wives, most truck stops DO NOT have lot lizards. You couldn't find them if you wanted to.  That said, I can't pretend that they don't exist at all.  So let's continue...

On the radio a driver swore out this was a lot lizard.

Another fact you might be interested in, most of these women are just not that attractive to most people for one reason or another.  Many are on drugs, others are facing hard times, homeless or just stressed with life. Even if you're spouse is scandalous, is he going for THAT? lol... I digress

There is some trafficking going on too.  That's the saddest part.   They get fooled here to the US told that they will have normal work.

But are some are college students and single mothers just trying to get by.  lol, right.... how would I know.  I've actually talked to them in both Waco, Tx and Ontario California about 1999.  I pretty much haven't been back out there since then.  I drive mostly east of the Mississippi River.

Anyway, I wouldn't be quick to label them as either victim or predators.   

They just are.......working girls, or commercial company or prostitutes.  That's what we know.  The details about them at scale we don't their stories but back to infidelity.

Trucker's be warned:  You will lose your trucking job if you get in trouble for having a these girls in your truck if the police see's you.  And driver do tell.

The cops could also impound your vehicle and lock you up.

Also, sometimes these girls are into drugs and crimes.  And they have been know to set drivers up.  They get in your truck and the guy comes to rob you.

So, if you don't care enough about your relationship enough then hopefully that will help you make intelligent decisions.

Furthermore, you should consider that cheating will cause you to have issues in your own mindset and attitude toward your significant other.

This is what you need.... (Become a better man) This (click here) is how you treat someone you love.  Especially if you have a good woman.  Don't be stupid.  They are becoming a rare breed.

Think about it, if you're cheating and 'getting away with it' then you'll start eventually wondering what you partner is getting away with.  YOU caused those doubts with your actions.

So cheating already is bad enough, taking a chance on other added disruptions, including diseases and arrest is ridiculous.  And you need to question your habits and actions if you are willing to risk violating your relationship for something temporary like that.  

If you think about it.  There's no winning in that decision, only losses.

Off duty not driving $$$$

Where Were Lot Lizard Found

There are lot lizards in truck stops across the country but there are far less lot lizards than most people think. Lot lizards usually are in the same old spots... This was written in 2007 about and includes info dating back to when I drove to Cali in the 90's.

  • Oklahoma City
  • Carlisle Pa
  • Dallas, Tx
  • W. Memphis Tn
  • Ontario, Ca
  • Jessup, MD
  • INDY

and some other truck stops I am sure. I just can't think of them right now. The places that I named have had girls on the radio since I have been driving over 15 years ago.

Keep in mind one thing. There are tens of thousands of truck stops with no lot lizards. Also there are about 3,000,000 drivers most of whom don't and wouldn't patronize lot lizards for many reasons including not wanting to risk losing their jobs, fear of getting locked up, fear of getting a disease, fear of getting robbed/set up (yes, this does happen as well) and frankly because they are to cheap or broke! lol

Therefore it is absurd for the general public to assume that lot lizards are an integrated problem for the trucking industry or all truckers.  Its a problem mostly at specific truck stops and for some truck drivers, not an industry level problem. 

(In my opinion, that's a better way of categorizing the situation.  Could be argued as semantics.  OK.  I'll go with that...)

Hear Lot Lizards in Action

Most times you will hear a lot lizard but never see them.  If you are getting your sleep or talking on the phone or watching TV in the back, you might never see a lot lizard.  Most of the time, they try to arrange dates on the CB.  Sometimes they do knock on truck doors of unsuspecting trucks but not like they use to back in the day because drivers can call police or record them if they are not interested.

And police are out trying to catch them. 

Some truck stops are definitely known for commercial company (lot lizards).  Where that is the case, the police also know.

Lot lizards in Ontario California TA

What Drivers and You Should Know

Drivers can got to jail and get the truck impounded for letting these girls in the truck.  Which means he will likely lose his job.  And you have to find a way home.

Also, some of these women have diseases.  Some lot lizards are violent.  Some run scams to get you robbed. 

Also many relationships are ruined behind this activity.  Especially when you take a number and call them as if they are your girl and let them manipulate you to send them money.  Heard those stories too.

Some of the prostitutes might be underaged commercial company which means even more serious charges against you.  Plus you would be supporting a vicious enterprises that basically tortures young girls against their will.

I can't think of something much worse for a young girl to go through being kidnapped and forced to do it with (sometimes dirty) men and then not even keep the money.  That's evil.

Not a lot lizard

Truckers Against Trafficking

This organization educates people about how big the problem is and what you can do about it. The trucker in this video help save the life of one of those so called working girls who was underaged.  You can be a hero as well. 1-888-3737-888 is TAT hotline to report what you see.

Different look at lot lizards, prostitutes and working girls and how to help solve the problems associated with it.

The real situation is that prostitution is an integrated element of life. There are more prostitutes in everyone's own communities than there are in any truck stop.

Many like to think of these women as trash of the earth. The assumption is that these women are just sex driven homewreckers or crackheads just doing their thing.

Lol, ok. well I guess a lot of that is true about some of the women. But there is much more to the picture and if we as a society will not deal with that this problem it will continue as it has for as long as it has.

Now there are plenty of women who just find prostitution as an easy cash cow. They see it as an easy hustle instead of working and think nothing of it. The question is why? But those are not the ones I am speaking up for. They are the strongest and most aware and in control of their choices and probably have other options to earn money as well.

There are many other types of women are out there too for many reasons. Many of them are only out here because they have or think they have limited options. They have not been taught to be a productive member of society. When a few things go wrong at the same time they find themselves with only a few choices to survive. Sell drugs, depend on a man or prostitution.

Some are supporting a child, some are supporting a habit. Some are doing the same as many strippers do, using the money to pay for college.

Now obviously non of these things makes it dismisses the fact that they are breaking the law and probably ruining some marriages and maybe even some lives.  Some maybe even ruining health of others with diseases.

What I am saying is getting mad about them being out there or even assuming that they are scum is not even close to keeping them from being out there. If you live near one of these truck stops maybe see if you can start some type of program to counsel them and rehab them to a new way of viewing life.

Most of these women are not making easy or light choices to do what they do. They are operating from a limited mind for whatever reason and making a choice from a very few that they see available. 

Some of the younger women who choose to get out there in the truck stops strictly for the "easy" money are largely convinced by entertainment that this type of behavior is acceptable by society. Prostitution is almost encouraged by popular culture. So that's another reason why this will not be completely eliminated in truck stops or in your communities unless the home structure and influence is strong.  You can legislate or enforce that.  That comes with educating parents before they become parents.

So what is the most effective way to keep the numbers down?

Well, it starts at home. Better parenting helps keep our children from traveling down these paths. Teaching them the tools to be contributing members of society as a productive mature adult gives them options. Bad relationships are something that is common in the background of many of these women. Their own and witnessing the same from their single mom or parents.

Some of yall are in abusive relationships right now and you will have kids that grow up to be adults who engage in risky undesirable activities.

Another way to help clean this up is to educate single parents in impoverished neighborhoods and provide parental training.

Another thing to do is give second chances to women seeking work even though they may have made mistakes in the past. Just as should be done for felons. We need a program to allow the struggling mother with records to be trained in an occupation and given a place to work with participating employers. We all have made mistakes.

My point? Most of these women ended up here because of poor choices that derived from lack of proper guidance in the home at early ages.

If you are ignoring any of your responsibilities in the home then you are likely contributing to many of the problems that come for the children later in life. Prostitution is only on of them.

Oh, one more thing. For the older woman that become prostitutes there are other reasons too that come into play. Particular dead beat dads.

Other woman are wives who were not prepared for the death of her husband and allowed herself to be isolated or loose contact with all her friends and family. (That is not normal in a relationship). So you ladies reading this.....are you dependent?

If your husband died today, will you be taken care of? Do you have skills to be able to work and pay your bills?

Obviously there lies responsibility of everyone to do a little preventive maintenance so that we don't end up having to do things less desirable later in life.

Stop putting up with relationships with clowns who treat you wrong. Especially stop creating families with them. It doesn't make sense.

Stop having children if you can't afford to take care of them including when emergencies arises.

Couples should ensure that they either person can maintain the home if one is to leave or die. That means learn some skills for worse case conditions. It's foolish to live 10 years or more in adulthood and not acquire some skill to make money legitimately. But people do.

There will always be a rainy day and there will always be emergencies don't wait until they hit then you must resort to what ever is available to get by.

Ignore these warnings and who knows, you may find yourself a lot lizard one day! Stressed out, strung out, or just looking for an easy way to get money because you never experienced work.

And men.... Take care of your children. This is one of the reasons that some women have resorted to being a lot lizard also. So you talk on the CB about the lot lizards but your wife (or baby mother who you deserted) is at home struggling because you throw your money away on the road.

We need to think of how our actions affect other people and more people can live with dignity instead of suffering with limited options, despair, and fainting hope for peace and prosperity.

Less we live in a world that continues to operate with lost souls seeking happiness and fulfillment in things that only brings disaster and misery as we smile while pretending that we are blameless in it all we must change how we deal with those in need.

Oh, was I supposed to be talking about lot lizards in truck stops. My friends that is but a symptom of bigger problems.

Problems closer to ourselves and our own relationships and communities far before people reach the stage of soliciting or becoming a prostitute in a truck stop or on craigslist.

Bottom line. Nurture your children, protect them from abuse, (so they won't be the next generation of lot lizards) and treat your spouses(baby's momma and baby's father) right (so they won't stray needing money or attention or a way to make a living) and you decrease your chances of being affected by lot lizards.

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