Truckers and spouses need to have good parenting skills.

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding responsibilities a person can have. Responsibility is the key word. As adults we must be sure to properly arm our youth with the knowledge and insight to have a fair chance at going out in the world able to reach their full potential.

Here is a page that you might find useful for your teen.

Here are some parenting tips for a truckers wife by Jennifer S

Good parenting skills will be key for life as a trucker in both the driver and the caretaker at home with the child. With one parent out of the house most of the time, the spouse at home is basically single parenting. This adds to the need for effectiveness in parenting.

An Abundance of parenting resources today should make it easy for parents to get the information and tools necessary to help in putting the child on the right track early and efficiently.

Unfortunately, outside influences on the children present an ongoing challenge for the children to stay on the right path. This makes good parenting skills as important (or more important) as any other priority a parent could possibly have.

Parents should take advantage of resources available to help mold their child in a way that would give them a fair chance in reaching their potential in life.

It only takes a look at any town's local news stories and compare the frequency and nature of crimes compared to what you remember seeing a few years ago.
Violent crime and gang activity has infiltrated even the most unsuspecting rural areas. While there is an ongoing bickering as to how this has all happened and millions of dollars is spent researching the question, I will give you the answer very plainly right here, right now.

Lack of effective parenting along with the abundance of entertainment and media that includes material which glamorizes and influences, risky sex, drug use, materialism, criminal activity, gang affiliation, self absorption, and lack of respect for others and their property. This is found in gaming, music, movies, and not only represented in the material itself but also in the attitude of the people who present that material instead of pointing out that the material should be explicitly viewed as entertainment.

Common sense you say, I say look around evidently not, you most remember that in some homes common sense is not a relevant practice.)

As truckers it is especially important for the spouse or caretaker at home to be an effective parent. I made a cd that addresses some issues that I felt was very important to be taught to the youth. You know by now I am not a professional speaker, however I think you will find a lot of the material on the cd very important.

(Some issues may or may not pertain to you because it covers more than one ethnic group, more than one culture, more than one economic background.)

Hint: What that means is you will actually get an extra lesson showing you insight of the culture of other people. When something sounds strange to you, then you know it is totally relevant to another culture or else I wouldn't be addressing it! While this may sound shocking to you that it needs to be said it should point out to how attitudes are molded and affected by many things which changes in many communities. These include but are not limited to opportunities for employment, getting credit, adequate housing, poverty, etc.

So then your like wow, that's really an issue?

All of a sudden you may have a different perspective of certain things when observing the actions of other people different from you. (Hope I didn't loose you!)

This CD is my attempt at addressing what i feel is necessary to prepare our youth for the real world. I will be making it available soon for free (for a limited time) to my subscribers to get your feedback. You may find some better parenting resources here about parenting in the mean time.

Proactive Parenting for New or Young Parents

If you guys have children who are new parents or if you are new young parents, I think this motivational resource will set the stage for getting on track with parenting effectively and developing the right attitude for preparing the youth for a bright future.

The Big Picture Proactive parenting advice free download

Too often we let our children raise themselves instead of teaching them the things that would benefit them as they encounter predictable (and unpredictable) circumstances that brings many people to their knees. (temptation, other negative influences)

This happens usually as a result of not getting the lessons and life skills from home that would have armored the mind, body and soul from a young age for a war with the world.

We all know that life isn't fair and we need every advantage possible to get and stay ahead. So we also should be teaching all we can teach to our children. Some things are so obvious we overlook or take for granted that it will be taught in school or just learned as time passes.

This is a fatal (well maybe not fatal but just as bad) mistake that is made over and over and over and over and over again. Lol (Did i get carried away?)

It is the parents responsibility to teach the child the lessons, principles, morals and values needed to run a successful campaign as a leader on their block, in their school, job, organization or in life.

It is the parents responsibility to make sure that child knows what he or she needs to know to succeed, to understand that there are consequences to his or her choices and actions, to know that people matter more than material things, to recognize opportunity and to love thy neighbor.

Not the schools, not the governments, not the Sunday school or church, not the organizations they belong to or the teams they play on, not the boys scouts or girls scouts or any other extra curricular activity that may engage in any similar character building practices.

It is the parents responsibility to teach the child.

Everything else that is done to reinforce what the parent should be teaching is just 'sharpening the saw.' (or polishing the shine) Its extra, its a bonus. Parents shouldn't put their child's future solely in the hands and at the mercy of other people who can't possibly love their child as much as the parent.

Certain entities even could benefit from intentionally not ensuring that the child's preparedness for life is not up to par. Therefore it is totally senseless for the parent to not be diligently engaged in an active role as a parent.

We must get back to the basics and save our children!

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