Lots of information about trucking

by Jennifer
(Guyton, GA)

my husband is about to go to school and become a trucker, being a military wife (lots of deployments)The life is similarly the same but different factors. I found your website and have cruise only half of it and it has answered a lot of questions. We have had a couple of talk if we could handle it or not. We still have yet to sit down with the kids and discuss this with them. Any ideas on how to handle this?

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Oct 14, 2008
A little advise
by: Jennifer Schnittker


Hello, I read your blog, and could not help but to try to give you a bit of guidance--just going through this recently myself. I am a mother of 4--and what I now coined the term of "single-wife" for. On top of that, I have a bachelors degree in Psychology.

I absolutely agree that if you feel you need to talk to your children, have a "round table" discussion. Talk to them, tell them what to expect from you- from their father, and what will be expected from them.

The next thing that I would ask you to do, is some home-work. Look inside yourself. Asking several questions.
1.) Am I cut out to be a "single-wife"
2.) Do I trust him?
3.) Is this something that I can handle long term.

Once You answer these questions--it will make the decisions easier. If you cannot be a single wife. If you do not trust him. If this is something you cannot handle long term. I would try to stop it now before it starts.

I was secure in my marriage--as far as trust issues. I just did not know if I could handle the "single wifedom" that was thrown at my feet.

It is not easy--but it does get "easier".

If you ever (honestly) would like to chat with someone--please feel free to add me to yahoo that being: iikissmygritsii, or drop me an email at jenspast1991@yahoo.com simply put "drivers wife" in the subject.

One thing this site does not have that I wish it did was more way to become more personally acquainted with people--almost a support group for wives--or spouses of drivers.

Anyway, best of luck to you--It will work out.


Oct 13, 2008
How to break trucking to the children
by: The Crazy Trucker

Hello Jennifer,

If it was me, I think I would do something like this . . .

Tell the children you are having a family meeting after dinner or a discussion during dinner.

I would say something like, "we have been discussing daddy taking a job that we feel will help our family out with our needs. It was a hard decision because it will require him to be gone away from home for a few weeks at a time. The good news is that it would only be like that for the beginning of his career as a truck driver and then he would be home a lot more often (If that is that plan.)

We know that there are many families who handle this with a little work so we feel we can make it work too and it would help us accomplish some things we need which is . . . .

(You know whatever that is whether its getting good insurance, job security, relocate, etc point it out them to help them absorb the change and see you taking action to work toward accomplishing a goal which is a lesson within itself)

Then I would ask, how do you feel about that.

To get feedback from how they view the change and then you can address the issues they bring up about the change. Of course, if at all possible show them the positive side of what ever they bring up as their dislikes about the change and assure them that everything will be fine because you two have a PLAN and you are working toward a specific GOAL.

Also remind them that the way it is in the beginning is not the way that it will always be, that's just how it starts off.

I hope this gave you some ideas Jennifer, please let me know how it turns out. And good luck to you 2.

Oh, Especially since you got the kids and you are obviously concerned and intelligent parents make sure he talks to drivers at a truck stop near where you guys live. That way he can get some real feed back from drivers on often he can expect to make it back through the house.

I just looked at the map, looks like he will make it home more often if he can find a company that does a lot of trucking up and down the I95 corridor.

Oh by the way there are a couple of truck stops just West of Savannah on I20.

Ok, I am gone this time.
Later. Good Luck on Everything. Visit again.

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