Example of the Attitude of the Presenters of The Destructive Content

I'll give you an example of what I mean.

Going through Texas one day I heard a report about a popular rapper not exactly living in a way that he is portrayed in his lyrics.

The DJ's should have used or could have used this to point out to the youth not to take serious the little gang talk, thug rhetoric, and violent tone often found in music serious. That was the perfect opportunity to tell the youth to stop trying to act out what they are listening too. That's not what happened. If fact the complete opposite happened.

The DJ's clowned the rapper for not being a real or gangsta, not being thug and not being hard.

(Which is ok except they did it in a way that reinforced in the youth's mind that it is cool to do things that show they are hard, thug, gangsta on so on.)

This gives added weight to lyrics of the music instead of trying to save the youth from the lyrics of the music.

Could have said to the 100,00 or more youth listening...

1. Do not try to live what they are saying cause it is entertainment. Most artists don't live the lyrics and it could ruin your future if you act it out.
2. Be yourself
3. There is no future in being a thug, gangsta, or acting hard maybe that's why this successful artist has lived differently than what he raps about and maybe that's why he is (kinda) successful.
Obviously artists have a right to say what they want. Youth is also going to listen to what they want to. (I mean I even listen to it!) It seems to me though, legislation could and should be passed to keep the people who present the material from presenting it in a way that could influence the young listeners to absorb the material in a destructive way instead of just viewing it as entertainment. Balance, that's all I am saying.

We Need Balance.

If any of you(DJ's or other media distributors) are reading this, think about the impact entertainment will have on your children. Don't you understand that when confronted or tempted by any of the things that is condoned and even promoted in the music, the child is more likely to give in. The child will either view it as acceptable or even cool. Temptation will be greater to participate in what they think the rest of the youth is doing, especially if their favorite artist is bragging about it. You are in a position to provide some discredit to the destructive messages. How about steping up to the plate and stop worrying about not being seen as cool.

Again, don't forget your kids are listening too.

Most Importantly I am saying this . . .



You see, for most of the youth whose parents are on the job. The children WILL see entertainment mostly as entertainment.

I said destructive media content but it is only destructive to those whose can't differentiate between real and entertainment.Those are most likely to be the children (and adults) whose parents have viewed effective proactive parenting as unimportant.

They are more concerned with themselves (personal relationships, having fun, drugs, partying, etc) or being the child's best friend. Of course you want to be the child's friend but there must be a balance with focus being the long term desire for the child's future.

Not the focus being of selfish nature which is what the best friend desire usually is if you think about it. Children NEED the parents to implement discipline and structure that's what they need. Who else will provide that if the parents don't.

Yes, that means the child will not always smile or be happy about the parents decisions. But they will have enormous love and appreciation when they get older.

Mostly because they will learn more of what they need to learn to survive in the real world while their peers who had the clown parents who let them do whatever whenever will more likely to be troubled teens and non productive adults.

But, that's just my opinion. Seems like common sense to me but I might be wrong. Just trying to help, think about it before getting defensive. Back to Parenting skills

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