The Impact Of Trucking On The Children

The impact of trucking on the children can be as serious as the parents actually splitting up. A lot of guys of course will to say, "I trucked for x amount of years and my kids are fine. (or a variation of such a statement). I am not saying the children are doomed if a spouse if a trucker.

I am saying please be real about your situation at home. If your children needs you at home don't escape your responsibility by becoming a trucker. If there are problems already, you disappearing from the scene is not helping your child. (Or you because if you actually care then you can look forward to being stressed out real soon.)

This is what I am saying to everyone reading this with an open mind and reasonable ability to think. Look around, do you see how many problems exists in our society right now with children at its base. Gang activity, crime sprees, drug use, unprotected sex (spreading diseases), vandalism, violence, theft, even robberies and murders.

A lot of this happens in 2 parent homes, simply because the parents haven't learned how to have effective relationships and properly raise those children. Children with both parents in the home complain about not getting the attention, guidance, discipline, and structure they need, now how can anyone argue with me that if one of those parents is gone all together for extended periods of time from the home that it can't have a negative impact. Simply mathematics!

Your spouse needs to be good no, great at parenting. Also your spouse should be patient, loving but stern, and family oriented (Oh trust me some aren't , kids don't make that happen automatically.) You guys should have a good relationship and genuine love for each other so that your focus won't be drawn from giving your children the attention and love they deserve when you return home.

If your spouse is a club head while you are home and still wants to be out in the streets willing to get anyone to watch the kids so he or she can do their thing every weekend, please don't leave your kids home with that clown.

I am done. If I stepped on your toes, oh well. Grow up!

NOTE: There has been no research done on what was said on this page it is just purely my opinion of what I feel is a common sense viewpoint of reality. I would love to get your opinion of what I said, you can hurt my feelings so say what ever you need to say. That's part of what this is all about. Do you disagree or agree with what I said and justify your position.

The keyword is what I SAID, don't put words in my mouth. Didn't say all parents were bad, didn't say truckers were bad parents, didn't say a truckers kid was doom for disaster. If you are confused read it again. If you feel life I was talking you . . . I wonder why!

Hey the kids need us adults if you need to step your game up just do it. Stop playing! Impact of trucking on the child
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