by Jennifer Schnittker
(Butler, Pa 16001)

I know I have been all over your sight, putting in my "input" on just about everything; however, one thing I have thus far failed to mention is my educational background. I have a B.S.Psy. I totally agree with you on soooo very much you have had to say here. People miss the little things. Unfortunately in today's world we do let our TV's, computers, and game stations "watch our children". In our pursuit to have more than the last generation had. Keeping up with the Jone's, or giving our kids more than we had. In our pursuit for the almighty dollar, we have lost the most valuable things in our lives... OUR CHILDREN. When do we say enough is enough. Yes, I may be considered middle class--or even amongst the poverty class---but my children have been raised with morals, values, and beliefs.

In the 1800's (I know we cannot go back there) children were raised with some work ethics, morals, beliefs, and values. Today, our kids are lazy, and want everything for nothing. They get everything handed to them on a silver plate, and have to work for nothing!

For the most part, none of us are going to win a noble prize, or become the next president of the United States--our names are NOT going to be written in the history books, nor are we going to make an outstanding impact on future generations. In 100 years, people will not even know we existed, accept for a "great grandmother/father on my fathers side." It is of the utmost importance to OUR OWN FUTURES to raise well rounded children, that will pass that information on for generations to come. It is our Job, and our Legacy!

I have primarily been a stay at home wife/mother all of my life. Despite financial struggles.
My children were never latch key kids. I have raised my kids with the knowledge that they were going to screw up-- hey it happens, even in the best of families. But I have drilled into their brain these few sayings:

"The only MISTAKE that you make in life--is the one you DO NOT LEARN FROM." (this is of course a coined phrase by me.)

"Life is only 10% of what happens to me, and 90% of how I deal with it" - Charles Swindell.

and Lastly "I once had the blues because I had no shoes, until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet" - Unknown

I have made it my personal mission to teach my children to give back, even if they don't have much. We volunteer at the local soup kitchens (feeding the homeless) and the local Humane Society- I want to impress on my children that the grass is not always greener, and sometimes right where you are is a DAMN FINE place to be.

People have to stop and think--how much money or "personal time." is worth my children's future? I would have to say NONE! You cannot replace a young mind, or OUR future.

Our children are our future leaders, doctors, lawyers, Presidents, and even our future blue collared workers, our truck drivers ect.

If we do not take time for our future (our kids) what will our future look like? When I look at today's children, I am actually afraid! When I am dependent at 70--who is going to take care of me? What will our finances of this country look like? I do hope and pray that people get back to "basics" remember that money may make the world go around, but your KIDS are the one's that are going to spend it!

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Oct 17, 2008
You got it all right!
by: Jennifer Schnittker

I am not sure that it sounds like your selling a car--but our future, and I am buying! lololol. But then it seems as if in most philosophies in life, you and I have not only taken the same boat--but sharing turns on the oar.

Oct 17, 2008
by: The Crazy Trucker

Couldn't have broken it down better myself.

And you hit on very key point that I use when I address the less responsible parent. Your very last paragraph . . .

When you are 70 who is going to take care of you.

Jen, you are the parent who actually won't have to worry about that.

See parents whose focus is more about doing what needs to be done as a parent and raise their children to the best of their ability based on what it is their child needs to be taught to prepare them for the future will find themselves well taken care of when they age.

For 1 their children are more likely to be successful.

2. Their children will see the sacrifices and energy that parent put into trying to do what was best for the child's future. The child will have the deepest gratitude and a sense of obligation for taking care of the parent.

Just like I will do whatever I can for my parents as they age. One of my primary reasons for being successful is so that I can provide for them if they are ever in need.

On the other hand, the parents who are self serving and neglectful of their children and letting them raise themselves or more focus on being their best friend (which is really a selfish act, or completely clueless) is likely to find things a little different. . .

1 The child of this type of parent is less likely to thrive in the real world or thrive at slower pace which could result in the adult not being in he position to take care of the parents in old age.

2. The child of this type of parent may determine that the parent didn't really care about him or her as a child and therefor is not too enthusiastic about taking care of their parent or parents in old age if the need arises.

So parents if you don't care enough or have the vision to be a responsible parent to your child out of love and concern.

Let selfishness guide you into being a good parent by taking into consideration that you may be better taken care of in old age if you are a good parent now.

Sorry I had to put it too you like that but honestly, some of you deserve it and you know it.
You are shaping the future of a life that you brung into this world.

It's a very very very tough job, I understand that but it is your responsibility to your child to not to blow it off but give it all you got.

OK, it sounds like I am trying to sell someone a car or something!

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