Truth to the Youth About Life

There are things that we take for granted which affects us every day. Even adults are affected, so for you younger folks, it's even worse.
I'll explain in the video, truth to the youth. This is real talk.
I challenge you to watch the entire video.

Insight From a Basketball Coach

What it takes to achieve your goals

Coach mentions some things which he has seen teens and young adults allow to hold them back from achieving their goals. Listen to this so that you can avoid the pit falls.

The Crazy Trucker Goes Top of The Dome

(so bad, I had to go back and edit it, lol)

Watch me struggle to find the words to deliver a message off the top of the dome. Good tips and thoughts for your success.

Understand that life is not about you trying to imitate those you idol. Artist, Entertainers, Sports Players, etc. Remember these are just humans just like you!

It's cool to be an individual, think for yourself and do your own thing in life. Let no one's ridicule of you for being smart, preparing for the future or doing other positive things in life make you feel bad. May it does make you a little different.

But do you really want to be like everyone else or someone who goes about making their own mark in life?

It's easier for them to criticize you for being stronger than them than it is for them to also be an individual so they join the crowd of all the others who follow the masses.

Later in life they will be average or mediocre and you will be a leader who does great things. The people who achieve their goals and bring new ideas to the market are those who are not afraid to stand for what they believe in until others catch up and support.

Those who simply go along with everything will only follow others. Which will you be? You will be an individual, a leader. How do I know? Because you are still here reading and you could be doing something else right now.

I am just here to help keep the brilliance you already have inside alive. There will be many like me along your journey. Keep your eyes open for them and take their positive words to heart. You will know them when you hear them speak to you. Sometimes only 1 sentence or 1 thought at the right time.

Living the Fast Life

Living the fast life is not what it seems. You see the cars, the money spent, the women, and you see people just having fun.

What you don't see is the void in these people's heart. You don't see that fact that often people have no real true friends. You don't see that they can't trust people they want to trust sometimes. You don't see the stress, the pain, the emptiness when they are alone.

It's these things that people try to hide living the fast life that leaves them open to experimenting with using drugs and other things risking their health, freedom and chances for true long term happiness.

Why Wait To Date? Is There Ever a Good Reason to Wait?

There are many benefits for smart teens and even young adults who are trying to accomplish goals to wait to date.

1. Avoiding the Drama - Just think about all the drama and issues you see other boys and girls, men and women going through with the cheating, lying and misleading.

All this takes attention away from whatever else you are trying to accomplish in life.

2. Avoiding the Inconvenience - Plus if you end up in a relationship now you have another person's feeling to consider in your decisions. For instance, suppose you want to hang with your friends, suppose you have homework, a project, a job, extra classes, football or cheerleader practice, evening courses. Now you have someone always telling you that you don't spend any time with him/her. Not fun.

3. Avoiding the Risks of Early Pregnancy - If you get involved of course there will be pressure of sex. Then there will be pressure of unprotected sex.

What if you become pregnant or get a girl pregnant and find out he or she is the same type of person that was described in item number one!?

4. Being able to pursue your goals in full force - Now tell me, if you end up with a clown, get pregnant or get a clown pregnant, how will you ever go forward with accomplishing your goals?

It's not an automatic dead end but many young single moms will tell you it's not an easy road and most NEVER accomplish their dreams. Many young men will also tell you my dudes that having children spread all over is not cheap. That's not even talking about the problems of dealing with the mother, child and the new girlfriend. DRAMA (not always but too often)

I am not finished.

Now supposed you are pregnant by someone like the drama king talked about in item 1. (which means he is self centered and ) and the person has no money.

Pregnant, by someone immature, with no money how will you move forward with your short or long term goals? Just a thought.

Focus your time and attention on getting yourself straight then meet someone later who is compatible with the direction you are taking you life in. You and that person will be more mature and likely to treat each other better and you both will likely continue to pursue your dreams in or out of the relationship.

One reason is because of maturity and the ability to prioritize. As a young woman in general you will get this concept sooner than a young man UNLESS you are mislead.

It's smart to wait and meet someone on the same level. By the way this helps to eliminate some of the games and pains.

Relationship Advice for Teens and Young Women

These principles can be used by guys and girls who are aspiring to achieve specific goals even though most of my relationship videos are gear toward young women and sometimes single mothers.

Advice on teen sex and relationships why wait
Teen advice from teens about relationships and life and health

More Relationship Advice for Young Adults - Choosing The Right Person

If you are going to get in a relationship, you want to deal with someone that is compatible with where you are in life.

What are your goals? How do you see yourself being treated? What type of relationship is it that you are interested in?

All these things will determine what type of guy you should be open to. You should have standards, but these standards would be based on your beliefs, morals, values and the type of relationship that you are seeking.

However: Don't let these people, (ladies especially) fool you into thinking you should drop your reasonable standards just so you won't be single. (alone, lonely, etc)

You need to make sure you are in the right environment dealing with the right people to meet those that will measure up with your expectations. You must carry yourself in a way that attract those types of people and you must be realistic on the combination of things that you desire.

(Scenario. You are looking for a serious relationship. How do you think you are going to deal with someone imitating thugs on videos, with no job, spending all his money from hustling on rims and sneaker,(not even saving re-up money, cat getting fronted) spending all time with friends.

Then when you end up pregnant expecting to be treated like a woman with the illusion that an immature person pretending to be a man who worships material possession to stick around to take care of you and a child when he could be out having fun spending his money on himself. Get the picture here?)

Ladies, Thugs and Gangsters

To each his or her own, just be sure that is really what you want and it fits in the type of relationship you are want. Also be prepared to deal with the type of personality and characteristics that are likely to come along with that.

Don't forget the potential outcome if you get pregnant by the type of person your are messing around with.

In case you hadn't though about it or think it can't happen to you. That is the thought that many single moms had who had to struggle raising a child on her own with little or no support because the father is either immature and/or irresponsible.

Of course ALL thugs and gangstas won't leave you fending for your self but my best advice to you is if you don't think there is truth to what I say, speak directly to single mothers yourself.

Count how many tell you stories very similar to what I just described.

About Joining a Gang. Money Power Respect? Listen...

Being a real gang member is not like you see on tv or what you hear on radio. The glamour, glitter and fun is not what being in a gang is about.

It also won't permanently fill any void you may have which makes you desire to join. If you are lonely, or want to be part of a group/family that understands you for instance. The gang might seem like a good choice at first. But don't forget they want something from you too. There are better choices for this, Google teen mentor programs in your area.

Some feel like the gang is a way to get fast, easy money. You are joining a group. You come on board at get all of the perks. You are the low man on the ladder and you do all of the dirty work. You might get money, but you don't keep the money.

Only the leaders are getting money, having fun and using the power they have, usually ruling over you and whoever else they can get to join.

Gang life is not all fun and games and it leaves you with a rough road to travel for your future. Think about it, if you are serving the gang leaders, making them money and running errands, there are two problems that make it hard for you to leave.

1. One you might learn or be involved in things that they don't want everyone else to know. So if you want to then go straight, it only natural for them to have a problem with it.

2. You are bringing money and doing tasks that help them accomplish their mission. Again, a good reason to not want to see you go.

So my point here is, if you are convincing yourself that you just want to try it and if you don't like it you will just leave. It may not be as easy as you think.

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How to earn respect and trust from your parents

This is an important video message about your parents

Please check out the entire video. It is an important message from what I learned as I grew a little older. This is a message that will help you win the respect and trust you want from your parents so that you can get more of the freedoms that you want.

Listen carefully.

This works because you show that you are responsible and trustworthy. They take many precautions and say no so much because they are not sure that you will be careful or thoughtful enough to protect yourself as much as they would like.

So once they see that you are so responsible that you will make good decisions to take care of yourself, they will give you more freedom. It's really that simple.

They are not trying to be mean, they just don't want to see you hurt in any way. They protect you the best way they know who.

You just have to show them, I understand what you are trying to teach me and I am learning the lessons. I am proactive, responsible and trustworthy. I said you have to SHOW them this, telling them does no good.

Now. Ask yourself, how can I show my parents that I am responsible and trustworthy. Do the things that you come up with and watch how the world changes in your favor at home.

Take care and go do great things!

If you have read this far then you are smart enough to be thinking about your future.

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