Break 1-9...I hear ya loud n clear...Single mother of 4 here, unemployed trucker, felon, and stuck!




What a great idea you had with this website. You have many informative issues that hit home.

After working dead-end jobs and, unfortunately, being convicted of a felony, I attending truck driving school so that I might get my CDL and be able to support my children on my own. I achieved my CDL in 5 weeks and was hired on with a good company in 2007. I just came off of the road about a month ago, thinking I could find a local job driving a truck. No chance.

I came back to a lot of problems.

See, I have four children (none of which I receive child support for.) Well, in the past I had received financial state support. It is exhausted now. Anyway, once I returned, I had lost my public housing. They told me that I wasn't occupying the residence, so I had to vacate. That was due to the fact that I would stay out like two months at a time to keep up with my childcare costs and anything my kids needed.

Over the road living expenses aren't that cheap either. I was able to purchase a vehicle for us while being back, but still have to make payments.

While I was out on the road, my children were all separated. My oldest was with an aunt in a nearby city, my middle two were with my mother, and my youngest stayed with a lady from church.

It has been so hard, but I still can't give up.

My mom doesn't make it any easier. She would like to see me fail. That's probably hard to believe, but if you would have to put up with the things I have, you would understand completely. Anyway, I have tried getting back on with my old company and it's a no-go because they said I am not eligible for re-hire. I have lost my childcare because my baby's provider had to get a job in the meantime to make up for what I was paying her. I can't get financial support.

I'm steadily looking for a job, however, without childcare it's hard. Is there light at the end of this tunnel? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. If anything, it feels good to vent! Thank you.

All tired out in New Mexico,

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Jul 15, 2010
Lucky After-all1 Thank God!
by: It's Me, Lareina

Well, I'm happy to bring everyone (especially Jimmy) an update that really brought a huge smile to my face. I did find a job with one of the best companies here in town...and I still get to drive a big truck, as well as, get experience on many of the other trucks they have here.

What's great is that I can be home every night and I'm off on the weekends. Thank you all for letting me vent.

Jun 23, 2010
by: Jimmy

I can only say keep trying, with 4 kids, it's a hardship. You do need help financially and with the kids too. Good luck....Jimmy

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