Roman Motor Freight

by Jerry
(Omaha, Ne)

I injured y back unloading the freight in New York, was crawling on hands and knees to lose doors and drive to Chico, again on hands and knees opening rear doors and taking papers to delivery office. Abducted by an ambulance.

Apparently this company has no medical insurance, and say they are self insured, the trucking company refused to pay medical expenses, they hired a specialized nurse to visit me to slip me pills, so while I was under the influence of those drugs he could get me to sign a form to discharge me from the hospital.

Meanwhile they did not deposit my last three trips pay, and only did so upon my return to the company to make the demands for the pay. They said that I was faking the injury and they expected me to go back to work for them, but I withdrew the three loads payment from the bank and drove away in my RV.

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