Con-Way Frt

Heed my advice.Stay away from these people.They have done nuthin but screw their drivers for the past 2 yrs or so.Done away with company pension.They stopped contributing to 401k.Took away 5 of our 10 sick days.Turned vacation and sick days into PTO time.Took a 5% pay cut.And have only gotten 2.5 back.Hire drivers during the summer.Then when winter comes.Starve them out.Dont want drivers to make any money.Especially some of the senior drivers.Seniority only counts for taking vacation.Have been treated better at other companies.

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Sep 05, 2010
by: Dennis Shipman

Seems that is what I have been arguing all along -especially to these younger drivers; the older ones bring it upon yourself by taking any- and everything these greedy companies offer while the bosses and owners with their trophy CDLs sit in posh offices laughing at the moops dumb enough to suppport their lavish lifestyles. At some juncture it will dawn on us that we have a substantial amount of power and influence over management in these companies, which we have not tapped in an effort to gain better working conditions, benefits, pay for all work done off-the-road and, consequently, higher compensation packages. Until we do, though, we will continue to read gripes and complaints by individual drivers like the one with which I am responding. 10-4?

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