CR Engand reviewed by a driver

by Matt
(Burns Harbor, IN, USA)

9 - No trucking company is perfect, however they keep me rolling. We have thousands of trucks and drivers; I could only imagine how difficult it is to support this many entities at once.

We only hear about the planes that crash - not the ones that land safely. My only huge concern is the driver apprentice program. There are two on the road training missions. the first phase is a 20,000 mile run. The company puts a green driver with a "professional" for training. The issue is that if the trainer is an independent, you have an environment that incentivizes the exploitation of free labor to stuff the independents pockets with a great deal of cash.

Even if the apprentice is only marginal as a driver; the independent "trainer" will keep his wheels rolling. The mission no longer becomes focused on training up someone to be a professional driver, the mission becomes "keep the wheels rolling".

If the apprentice learns something - good. If he does not - we all suffer.

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