What to Do With Free Time

Truckers and trucker wives sometimes find themselves with free time.  I know this because they talk about being bored.  Plus they always ask me what do I do in my free time, or how do I keep from being bored or how do I keep from being lonely.  I don't get bored or lonely.  Here is why....

.... there is no time for that!

You should have goals for the future and unless you're extra bright there is more to learn about how to reach your goals.  Well how could you possibly sit around talking about you're bored?  Research, study, learn, etc.  Do it for your future....

Off Duty OTR Free Time Ideas

You name it, I've done it with my free time...bowling, clubbing, ping pong, fishing, movies, state fair, site seeing in a cab (before uber), fine dining.  However, on the regular I spend my free time doing something productive.

Writing, reading, working on this website, building other websites, recording/editing video, researching ideas, answering emails, coaching, etc.

Now with ELDs.  You are guaranteed to have plenty of down time on the road.  How will you spend it?  Of course you need time to unwind and enjoy yourself.  But what can be more enjoyable than increasing your value as a human being, to the relationship you're in or to the marketplace.

Lots of people actually think that Autonomous trucks will put them out of work.  Ok, are you doing anything to prepare for that?

People complain about not making enough money quick enough.  Ok are you learning ways to make more money trucking or make money online?

Many people are taking medicine for health conditions.  Have you spent any time research how to avoid illness or address the health conditions for which you are taking meds in a natural way?

Many people have kids and are troubled with managing them in today's environment.  Have you researched that latest methods prove to be effective for raising kids to be productive adults? 

Have you researched what kids are facing these days that are different from when you were a kid?  Do you know how to talk to them about responding to terriost threats or bullying. 

Do you know what you want to do with the money you're making so that it grows?  Do you know what types of investments you want to make?  Have you set up an 529 plan for your kid's education? Do you have a will, life insurance and beneficiary set in case something happens to you?  Should you have a Trust set up?  Could you benefit from a SEP Plan?  Can benefit from investing in Opportunity Zones for tax planning and creating wealth?

Some people haven't done any of these things not because it's not a good idea/move, but because they are not familiar enough with the options to feel comfortable making a decision.  Is that you?

If you haven't done any of these things but you are dealing with either of these issues, I hope your mind is racing right now with ideas about how to spend your free time over the road!

And if you still don't have light bulbs going off in your mind, I wrote this book below for you!

Want that book?  You can get it here

Beneficial Things That You Can Do

  • Research information that will benefit you/family
  • Write your memoir/book
  • Reading personal development books (mind is here)
  • Build your own website
  • Record and edit videos for youtube/twitch
  • Create and run ad campaigns for local businesses
  • Internet or affiliate Marketing to earn extra money
  • Start your own online course
  • Open a Shopify e-Commerce store

Trucker Spouse at Home Ideas

You pretty much have some of the same options available to you.  Find something productive and creative to do.  I always tell trucker wives to consider learning to dispatch or become a freight broker if the plans are to become an owner operator.

Also, if part of the plan is for the driver to come off the road then you could also investigate getting and running your own authority so that another driver could drive the truck.

Of course you have meetup groups, non profit organization to volunteer at, community college classes, gym classes and other options as well.

The goal is to not waste your time but invest your time in a way that is in line with the goals you have.

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